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Is there any way to prevent eBay from continually adding "best offer" to my listings?

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QuimReaper Tue 31-Jul-18 10:26:31

Sorry if this has been covered. It's driving me around the twist. I'd have thought there'd be a way to turn it off centrally rather than continually having to go into each individual listing and disable offers when eBay unilaterally decides to activate them.

Anyone found a way around it?

19lottie82 Tue 31-Jul-18 11:54:12

Just untick the box before you post the listing.

imsorryiasked Tue 31-Jul-18 12:05:15

As PP says - where you choose auction or buy it now there is a tick box for allowing buyers to make an offer.

QuimReaper Wed 01-Aug-18 09:41:17

Oh yes I know, but I keep getting emails from eBay saying "buyers can now make offers on your listings to maximise your chances of a sale!" and they have unilaterally revised the listing to allow offers even where I specifically unticked the box when I was making the listing shock You have to go into "Manage offer settings" on each listing to individually untick it. It's driving me mad.

imsorryiasked Wed 01-Aug-18 19:32:53

How odd. I've sold lots in the last couple of months on all sorts of listings and they haven't tried that with me.
Are you using an old template or relating items? If so I'd maybe start a new karting from scratch.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 01:12:53

No to pp, it's a new thing they are making some sellers do, not all. It's sellers that sell quite a lot I think.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Fri 03-Aug-18 01:14:50

Have you tried contacting eBay and complaining to them?

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 01:16:08

And if you don't accept offers you get hit with a 0.35p listing fee per item. You need to accept offers to get the free listing. Pants I know. I have to do it on auctions too n I'm like well what's the point in that coz if I wanted to accept offers I wouldn't have it on as auction? Ebay sucks d** now.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 01:18:48

Just list it as more, that way when buyers put in an offer they will 'think' they are getting a bargain, when really it's all you wanted for it anyway. That's 1 way around their stupid rules

19lottie82 Fri 03-Aug-18 06:41:26

And if you don't accept offers you get hit
with a 0.35p listing fee per item

I have never had this.

QuimReaper Fri 03-Aug-18 09:32:48

Red I didn't know that about the listing fee! I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened to me but I'll have to look into it. I've only got a handful of things up, all on for under a tenner, I really don't sell that much. It's really getting on my nerves.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 12:25:23

Lottie are you a business seller? I'm private seller.
Honestly I received a Ebay inbox message telling me what I had to do to get free listings. And it's to either : accept offers, good till cancelled on BIN or accept offers, on auto relist on auction.
I've tried listing without accepting offers, and it tells me my listing fee is going to be 0.35p, if I tick offers my listing fee is 0.00
From these posts there are many in Ebay section I think I have gathered it's only happening to certain sellers.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 12:28:55

Quimreaper it's getting on my nerves too. As I've also discovered before they auto relist when the auction ends I'd get charged for that relist. So I have to manually end my items before they auto relist or roll over on good till cancelled. You don't get charged initially for selecting that option - only when the auction or BIN ends and rolls over and starts again.
It's really putting me off from listing more stuff.
I'm getting stupid piss taking offers, which I would rather not sell at all than to accept. I used to enjoy listing on eBay.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 12:33:12

Quim before your listing goes live it always tells you how much the listing is going to cost you at the bottom. So be sure to check that before you hit the 'list item and accept responsibility button'.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 12:40:14

This is what I have as my ("great" hmm)promotional offers.
To see yours logon to www Ebay desktop site (not the app) click my eBay at top of page, then on the drop down many select 'selling'
It's at the bottom of that page.

QuimReaper Fri 03-Aug-18 12:53:38

Red the auto-relist is another thing which is getting on my nerves. It doesn't happen to all of my listings but I can't find a way to disable it for the ones it does happen on.

eBay are becoming really machiavellian, aren't they?!

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 13:22:11

On the Ebay thread 'why has my buy it now option come up as good till cancelled' dated 26th June, (check it out on Ebay threads on here) a poster put this.
I have just copied it for you. It explains how to turn off auto relist.

I don't seem to have an option to not select it alltoomuchrightnow. So maybe that is what is new. It seems to be a choice of auction or good til canceled listing rather than the 'buy it now' option but that is on the quick listing tool. And not only that but my auctions came to an end last night unsold and popped back up on an auto relist. Some funny goings on on ebay atm. I didn't particularly want them re listed right now but have left them be and unchecked all the auto relist settings in the 'my ebay'- selling page. If anyone wants to find how to turn it off, it is under active selling- more actions drop down menu. They also keep emailing me that they are making my items sell quicker by adding best offer! I have to keep turning best offer off individually once I get the emails. I definitely have that unchecked each time I list. Can't believe they are interfering so much with sellers listings.

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 13:33:07

Although i just tried to find it but couldn't. Let me know if you get any luck!

RedWineAllMine Fri 03-Aug-18 13:34:14

As in I just tried to find how to turn off auto relist on my account and couldn't.

QuimReaper Mon 06-Aug-18 11:20:05

RedWine you are a star, thank you! I've found it - took a screenshot for you if it's helpful smile

EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 06-Aug-18 20:52:54

This is driving me crazy. They keep hiding the box to untick. I don't sell masses, but when I do I always start at a low price and run an auction - if I start at £3 I don't want to accept an offer, thanks.

Now I've discovered if you don't want the offers you get charged a 35p listing fee!

I'm going to have to rethink selling. I don't want to have to keep batting back offers - otherwise what's the point of an auction? Surely an auction goes up?

QuimReaper Tue 07-Aug-18 09:24:28

I can't believe how unbelievably sneaky they are. If I hadn't started this thread I would have no idea about the listing fees - last month I had 100 free listings (offers notwithstanding) so there are almost £18 worth of listing fees in my invoice area for last month under "Promotional Savings". Now I only get 20 free listings without offers; if you lot hadn't told me in the nick of time, I'd have sleepwalked into an enormous bill. I've now unchecked "automatic relist" on all of my listings and whatever is active now and doesn't sell can either wait until next month or just go to the charity shop. Like you Endo I do one-week auctions starting at about a fiver and don't want to be offered £4 on a £4.99 start price. "Make best offer" is like a red rag to a bull, I'm guilty of it myself, it's just an invitation to try and shave a quid off the price.

This is totally off-topic but why is their website so exceptionally badly designed too? It's almost impossible to navigate, absolutely anything you want to achieve on there you have to Google, and even when you have exact instructions it can be stupidly confusing, like Red found upthread trying to disable auto-relist, which should be a totally straightforward thing to do. I've just spent over ten minutes trying to find out if I'm being charged listing fees in my "invoicing" area because trying to see an itemised bill is like trying to navigate the bloody Cretan labyrinth. Even when information is right in front of you it somehow isn't presented in a digestible form, all those millions of minuscule dropdown menus and tiny plain text links. It's maddening.

So what's the workaround here? Just have "good til they're cancelled" BIN listings? Because I know from experience as a buyer that those just sit there and petrify until the end of time, there's absolutely no impetus to go through with the transaction. I sat on a BIN listing for a beautiful dress for literally five or six months before I bought it, kept thinking "mmm, I do like that dress, I'll buy that next month, wonder if they'll reduce the price..."

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 07-Aug-18 23:45:10

Oh and thanks for the hint on the automatic relist - that's another thing I hadn't noticed they were up to.


Justgettothepoint Wed 08-Aug-18 00:00:10

Thanks for starting this thread OP. (thanks also red and quim I'm having the exact same issue and having to go back and take away the offers part. Someone offered a silly amount and I had to explain wasn't accepting offers. Mind you spose if u don't want the 35p charge could list as offers but don't accept any. Buyers only allowed to make 3 offers. It's all a bit shit really what they're doing. If it wasn't for the hassle of waiting for people to collect I'd use Gumtree am seriously thinking of doing that instead. Anyone tried Sphock?

Justgettothepoint Wed 08-Aug-18 00:03:41

Just twigged today that when I had to remove the offers part from my listings a notice popped up giving choice of automatic listing or 'maybe next time'. I kept pressing ' maybe next time'and think thats triggers it??? So I didn't respond just came off that page.

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