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Why has my buy it now item come up as Good Til Canceled?

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chloesmumtoo Tue 26-Jun-18 17:15:19

Never had this before and how do I change it to the normal setting. Is it a new thing on the listings?

NewNewName Tue 26-Jun-18 17:21:21

It's a new thing, I think it means it just rolls over and goes back to 30 days again and carries on TIL you cancel it.

chloesmumtoo Tue 26-Jun-18 17:25:56

Thanks for replying so quick. Is it the same for everyone then and will be on all buy it now's?

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 06-Jul-18 15:18:05

It's not new, been a couple of years I think. Yes it just rolls over.. you don't have to select that option will still have the original option. For items I feel may be slow to sell, I do use it though , after all, I can always cancel it.

chloesmumtoo Fri 06-Jul-18 16:48:58

I don't seem to have an option to not select it alltoomuchrightnow. So maybe that is what is new. It seems to be a choice of auction or good til canceled listing rather than the 'buy it now' option but that is on the quick listing tool. And not only that but my auctions came to an end last night unsold and popped back up on an auto relist. Some funny goings on on ebay atm. I didn't particularly want them re listed right now but have left them be and unchecked all the auto relist settings in the 'my ebay'- selling page. If anyone wants to find how to turn it off, it is under active selling- more actions drop down menu. They also keep emailing me that they are making my items sell quicker by adding best offer! I have to keep turning best offer off individually once I get the emails. I definitely have that unchecked each time I list. Can't believe they are interfering so much with sellers listings.

36degrees Thu 19-Jul-18 14:56:53

I've just had my first set of 'good until cancelled' listings roll over and charged at full rate to relist rather than coming out of my 100 per day allowance - I specifically didn't relist anything that day as I knew my other listings we're going to expire. Has this happened to anyone else, or is there a different setting I can use to avoid it? I am clearing a relative's house so I have tons of listings on the go at the moment, and lots more to do.

RedWineAllMine Thu 19-Jul-18 23:47:37

Just beware tho you need to abide by these new settings to get free listings. It's a new thing. Make sure you check to see if the listing comes up as £0.00 listing fee before it goes live, if not you get unexpectedly hit with a £0.35p listing fee. It always tells you how much it is to list before you hit the list item button. See my pic below of new rule to abide by to get free listings! As I've said in a previous post gone are the days of listing your items exactly as you wanted to.

RedWineAllMine Thu 19-Jul-18 23:49:25

Oh i forgot to add, it's fuckin shit!

ToadOfSadness Fri 20-Jul-18 09:45:42

I don't have this on my listing page, just the usual:
'Pay only when you sell this month
No insertion fees on up to 100 listings per day. For auction or fixed price listings'

'20 free listings per month, list now!
No insertion fees for auction or fixed price listings at any start price, excludes Motors'

Do you get the same thing if you use sell similar?

I have a couple of things on 30 day listing but I don't like good 'til cancelled because I forget to keep an eye on them. I don't have auto-relist ticked on anything, there was an issue when it was first added where it kept coming back, and Ebay have been making some (more) changes recently so perhaps it will right itself.

It might be less glitchy if you use the Advanced listing tool and save a template with the settings you want to use and see if they stay when you use it.

I think they randomly choose people to mess about with and test things, just as you get things how you want them they come along and change it all again. My Ebay pages were updated to new format, last week, and at the same time every log-in came up in a different language, several different ones, not just the German that it started with, also a few others, some I didn't even recognise.

RedWineAllMine Fri 20-Jul-18 10:39:21

I got the message in my message inbox, then I go to my account and right at the bottom of it telling me my offers etc I see this. Every time I didn't abide by it I saw a £0.35p listing fee, then before it went live I changed it to what the pic shows and the listing changed to £0.00 listing fee.
Maybe it could only be to certain sellers.

RedWineAllMine Fri 20-Jul-18 10:40:18

I use the Ebay app. Is there another app I don't know of?

36degrees Fri 20-Jul-18 14:18:10

That makes sense, red wine, thank you.

ToadOfSadness Fri 20-Jul-18 16:41:58

I use a laptop for listing, have my editing prog and all pics on there, plus all other details for reference but not sure it would make a difference.

I do think it is selected sellers though. Did you get a new format selling page last week?

Am now wondering what the criteria would be to get the listing offer that you are getting, and hoping I don't get it.

RedWineAllMine Sat 21-Jul-18 16:13:21

I use Ebay app to list stuff on my ipad. I could use the www Ebay desktop on my computer but it takes too long to list with that, the app is much easier, cuts a lot of corners and crap that you don't need to see. I have been a seller for over 10 years, private seller, I list over 150 items per month and my selling allowance entitlement is up to 800 items per month, or £15,000 whichever comes first. Nothing else has changed with my Ebay format wise. I just got a inbox message telling me of new rules to abide by to get free listings, then I see it like in the pic at the bottom of my account page.

RedWineAllMine Sat 21-Jul-18 16:14:20

Yer I doubt it would make a deference as an account is an account, as soon as I sign in to desktop or app it would be with my account.

36degrees Sun 22-Jul-18 07:32:47

Arrgh so I went through all my listings yesterday and changed them to will accept offers and they still charged 35p each to auto renew, even though I had free listings available. I'll be going through everything now to remove good til cancelled as they don't charge if you manually renew. Sigh.

RedWineAllMine Sun 22-Jul-18 13:08:51

It's a funny one because even tho I got the message saying auction style with auto relist for free listing, when I list auction style I don't have the option to auto relist. So for auctions I've had to accept offers too, which results in a free listing. But I don't want to soddin accept offers on auction! Otherwise why would I want to list it as auction in the first place? Be careful when revising a listing too, you need to ensure it's still free to revise by going by their rules for free listings.

RedWineAllMine Sun 22-Jul-18 13:29:32

It all started with this inbox message I got in June. Check your inbox!

RedWineAllMine Sun 22-Jul-18 13:34:03

However I have also noticed in my account I get an additional 20 free listings per month listing in which ever format I like. So I will use that one for auction style listings which I think will do well as auction and will get me the most moneys!

36degrees Sun 22-Jul-18 17:55:32

I had mine as auction style on auto relist with allow offers and was charged full price as they auto-relisted. It's not written clearly but I assumed the wording of the ad meant that you wouldn't be charged at all until you sell.

What it seems to mean in practice is that the first time you list, you don't pay, but when it auto-relists, you will be charged that time. If you cancel the item just before it ends, and then relist manually, you get it free.

hornbeam Sun 22-Jul-18 18:04:10

I only buy and those pages are now really unpredictable - changing format, size, number of items per page and all the aggravating 'Shop This/That/The Other' boxes along the top instead of category lists on the left.


RedWineAllMine Mon 23-Jul-18 10:39:51

Thanks 36degrees I noticed I had 1 item on auto relist, which I didn't even choose to be auto relisted. So I have ended that and re listed it as buy it now incase I forget about it when it ends again.
However some of my items are buy it now, good till cancelled, 30 days. Does anyone know what that actually means? Like does it re list again after 30 days n we get charged or what?

RedWineAllMine Mon 23-Jul-18 10:44:49

Ah, just came across this. Make sure you cancel good till cancelled just before it runs out and auto renews/lists!
The snidey fuckers don't tell you this do they? It seems you have to research for yourself.

36degrees Mon 23-Jul-18 11:36:02

Well that is bloody cheeky. Shame I had to learn the expensive hard way. Good detective work, redwine wine

RedWineAllMine Mon 23-Jul-18 12:28:28

I've been stung with one 0.35p auto relist so I've lost out also.
So, yes it seems it's free to list on good till cancelled but once that 30 days is up and it auto renews you get hit with a fee. So the simple thing to do there is to cancel right before they end then repeat the process,
I'm going to re search all the new listing things for free listings and see what hidden fees are lurking.
I'm going to check my account preferences to see if they have subscribed me to auto relist, as I noticed when I listed auction I didn't have auto relist option to choose from, so i don't want to be hit with another load of auto relist fees that I never agreed upon. As far as I am aware my auctions end in 5 days with the option of accepting offers (much to my dismay might I add) and this was free to list that way. But mentioned nothing about it being auto relist too. So I will be on top of that also.
I'm so fucked off, they really are making life hard to sell on there now.

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