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New to selling - buyer has collected but no idea how to tell eBay this

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HagueBlue2018 Fri 09-Mar-18 02:47:25

I hate ebay can't work it out at all.
Sold something cash on collection. Has been collected and paid for next day no bother.
Item is still showing as unpaid on my eBay.
I've tried googling and eBay says "mark as dispatched".
But the only options are
Send payment reminder
Contact buyer
Relist item
Sell similar item

I tried classic site (am on mobile) but everything I click through to the item
it goes back to mobile site.

I've got complete rage as I'm only trying to complete the sale on there so the buyer doesn't look bad - do I have to log on a desktop? Why is it so difficult? Log on drives me nuts as i always have to set password.

RedWineAllMine Fri 09-Mar-18 03:11:38

You should be getting another option saying mark as paid. Select the dispatched option, then mark as paid might come after.

GreasyFryUp Fri 09-Mar-18 05:04:24

There are loads of things on eBay you can only do on classic site. You should be able to access it on your phone though.

Or can't you use computer at work/friends house?

Vitalogy Fri 09-Mar-18 05:23:17

I had one where they sent me a Postal Order, it's still hanging confused
You did get payment before you handed over item? Just checking for if there's a next time.
Sorry I can't help more other than as PP have said, try on laptop/desktop, I always find there's more options that way.

HagueBlue2018 Fri 09-Mar-18 06:37:56

Thanks all. There's no dispatch button.
I'll have to log on at work which I shouldn't really do as it's work time - and it will take me ages to reset password.
Spent ages trying to do it from phone last night.
Yes buyer paid cash on collection, with 12 hours of winning auction, also gave £4 too much as he didn't have change and was very nice about it - refused offer of transferring change to his account or waiting while I raided the kids piggy banks and told me to buy them some sweets instead! So I don't want it looking like he hasn't paid on eBay - would that affect him at all or could I just leave it?

ShiningWhit Fri 09-Mar-18 06:51:27

You need the desk top one. There is a drop down on the seller page that gives you the option to mark as paid. Then mark as dispatched.
Do this because it keeps sending notices to the buyer to pay - then if you delete the transaction you may be up for avoiding ebay fees.

Vitalogy Fri 09-Mar-18 07:05:06

Oh dear, so my Postal Order buyer has probably been getting "pay up or else" emails. It was only for an item under a fiver but still. I think I'll deleted it then. I've not marked it as paid or dispatched either confused

Somersetter Fri 09-Mar-18 07:08:27

You need to mark it as paid, then a "dispatched" option will appear so select that too.

Vitalogy Fri 09-Mar-18 07:11:16

Does it avoid Ebay fees if you just delete?

HagueBlue2018 Fri 09-Mar-18 13:50:20

Phew done it on desktop.
The mobile site was driving me mad as kept clicking on phone to go to classic site but then kept redirecting back to be mobile site.... which had none of the required options.
Is the app any better?

Vitalogy Fri 09-Mar-18 14:21:57

That's good then.
The app's great for listing stuff, I'd rather use the classic to check off stuff though.

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