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eBay - have I been scammed

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PigletMum40 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:29:45


New to eBay, started clearing out after Christmas. Recently sold two items £80 and £40 to the same buyer, had lots of chat with them, combined postage and sent off recorded delivery and update reference on eBay.

A month later, an eBay dispute is raised saying goods not received, no word from buyer. I respond friendly that its been tracked and has her signature on it but no word. Now eBay has deemed that my account was comprimised and has refunded the buyer for both, and for the larger purchase says I owe eBay money.

Can't speak to then and now really confused and feel scammed. Any advice would be great!

Dodie66 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:37:00

Why can’t you speak to them? They have live chat. And you can call them. See this page

PigletMum40 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:39:57

Out of hours at the moment, will have to call in the morning. Just wondered if anybody else had experienced this and what the outcome was.

BluePony Tue 06-Feb-18 23:48:15

I'm shocked if you have to give them money if you have proof of their signature. Have they checked the neighbours?

PigletMum40 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:50:45

The signature in the parcel force tracking is the name of the customer I sent the parcels too, am so upset and annoyed. The customer hasn't been answering my messages despite being actively selling and listing new itema herself this week. Have checked PayPal and they've taken £120 out. Has turned me off anymore ebaying.

spugzbunny Tue 06-Feb-18 23:51:03

Speak with eBay. In my experience they don't always make the right decision as it's all automated but if you speak to them direct they are very good.

PigletMum40 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:54:48

Thank you, will call them in the morning. Fingers Crossed!

Globetrotter100 Wed 07-Feb-18 00:02:14

You must now file a claim under the PayPal seller protection policy, assuming you were compliant with those conditions and kept the signed tracking receipt.

You may have kick their arses but you should get your money back in the end.

19lottie82 Wed 07-Feb-18 05:27:31

I’m also suprised they have refunded the buyer from your funds when you have proof of delivery.

Just checking, you did send them to the address provided with the PayPal payment? No requests to change it from the buyer after purchase?

If all ok with that then as advised you need to call ebay and speak to someone (ideally U.K. based) and really press to get your funds back, reminding them that you met all their criteria (posting to address provided with PayPal payment, with proof of delivery) for their buyer protection to avoid this sort of scenario.

PigletMum40 Wed 07-Feb-18 08:47:41

Thank you so much for the help.

Spoke to a lovely customer services agent at eBay and they have reversed the decision so found in my favour. It all goes back to my account being comprimised a few months ago so it assumed this was a dodgy transaction, but they could see the chat and delivery so all OK.

Hopefully no more like this, everything is going recorded delivery now not just the expensive stuff!

Dodie66 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:13:19

Oh I’m so pleased you sorted it out 😃

19lottie82 Wed 07-Feb-18 11:23:15

Good stuff OP!

No need to send anything worth under £20 “Signed for”. Normal (cheaper) Mail now comes with a reference number on the proof of postage. If you enter this online you can get a proof of delivery, which ebay will accept in the event of a not received case.
If the item does go missing you can claim up to £20 compensation from Royal Mail.

EReference Mon 05-Mar-18 19:46:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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