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Infringing intellectual property rights???

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tiggersdontlikehoney Thu 07-Dec-17 12:36:28

Hope someone here can advise
I posted a small item on eBay nearly a week ago
Some Magic Curlers
Using my own account, 1 of 3 items
Other 2 items listed were fake tan and some window film for heating
So obviously my account not anyone bogus
And I have 100% good reviews - only 62, I don't use it that often - mostly for random childrens clothes

I looked this morning hoping to see offers/sale
The listing had been removed
In my messages it said the listing was removed as a third party had said my listing breached their intellectual property rights

I got in touch with ebay via chat
Asked them to explain
As I am reselling a second hand item, and surely this is what ebay is for
The person on the chat seemed to just be copying/pasting from a script
About how if someone says something like this, eBay has to take it down

At least 3 times I asked the person on chat to explain to me, how I can be infringing intellectual property rights by reselling my own stuff, on a second hand sales site, when that is the purpose of the site?
I made clear that I have not made the item nor claimed to, I am not selling multiples

They just kept copying/pasting the text
I asked to speak to a Manager
They said there was no Manager available and someone would get back to me in 4-6 hours

I feel like I've just been fobbed off
So has anyone experienced this, or can you explain it?

They did also suggest I get in touch with the third party to ask for an explanation
But I don't see why I should need to do that - either eBay know why I am breaching their policy, or they do not. It is their policy, regardless of third parties making complaints to them?

Very annoyed, trying to have a clear out and the item isn't worth that much, just thought I would get a few pounds for it
If I'm infringing property rights by listing my stuff second hand, how am I supposed to get rid of the bloody things?
They were sh*t anyway.. argh!!!

Dippingmytoesin Thu 07-Dec-17 12:39:07

I had his with yeezys last year I was trying to sell, there’s certain items that cannot be sold on eBay or they can’t be worded in a certain way.

When I contacted them about this they gave me a long list of what can’t be sold - which is ridiculous there should be a warning when you’re making the post. I was advised to sell elsewhere in the end.

19lottie82 Thu 07-Dec-17 14:22:22

Look at the original email they sent you informing you they were taking down your listing. There might be an email for a third party who own the IP rights. If your product is genuine, you might be better contacting them first, rather than eBay.

ToadOfSadness Thu 21-Dec-17 20:45:54

Some companies are really precious about having their stuff sold on Ebay and will do anything to have it removed. Even though it is yours, they don't like their name to be tarnished.

You might also find that a competitor has reported you, depending on whether the brand is hot on IP rights or it is just someone wanting to stop you selling the same thing as them.

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