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Sent through to Spanish Customer Services!

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venys Tue 07-Nov-17 17:10:13

I sold an item on eBay using mobile app. Except I am a complete Muppet and had set the Global Shipping thingee accidentally and sent a faulty item that I had overlooked. Buyer wants refund and then I mashed accept return whilst scrolling the options. I am struggling on a couple of issues and trying to navigate the app. I called customer services and had a person with a thick accent talk to me so I couldn't understand what she was saying. Now she says because it was with Global Shipping that I have been referred to customer services in Spain. I have had two emails which are just a copy and paste of information online and not answering my specific questions. The second email came to me in Spanish with a note in English saying if I am having trouble understanding the email to get friends or family to help. Yes, I have plenty of Spanish speaking people to hand with me in the UK! Inam wondering if I can actually resolve this issue at all with the buyer short of just refunding her and allowing her to keep the item. I think that seems to be my only automatic option to me at the moment without having to jump through hoops. !! This is putting me off selling on eBay (in addition to all the other selling sites). Anyone else experience similar?

venys Tue 07-Nov-17 18:39:17

I think I might shoot them. I have got yet another email copying and pasting generic information without answering my question. Does anyone know a courier company that I can buy a returns label through and send to the customer?

venys Tue 07-Nov-17 18:40:02

After this I may withdraw all my items and give to charity or chuck in the bin - since even charities are fussy.

BritInUS1 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:44:43

Can you just refund and tell them to keep the item? x

venys Tue 07-Nov-17 19:01:43

I might have to. But it wasn't a cheap item to begin with. It would be good to have the choice rather than deal with the inadequacies of eBay.

GoulishGoblinPumpkinSnatcher Wed 08-Nov-17 00:07:26

You can opt out of global shipping programme in account settings. Go to the site preferences tab in account settings - find GPS then select no. Then from there further down you can block countries to sell to. Hope this helps for future listings! You don't have to pack eBay in because of GPS as you can opt out of it. This is exactly why I don't sell outside of the UK. Too much faff if something goes wrong or if someone wants return/refund etc.

venys Wed 08-Nov-17 13:35:35

Thanks for that I will have a look. It wasn't my intention to put GSP on, it just sometimes resets itself if you change something on the postage section on the app and I didn't notice. And it just so happened that this was an item that was to be returned. The whole system just reeks of something thought up as a good idea by management but wasn't executed very well. My only real reason for selling on eBay is not the money, as you don't really make any on second hand items. It was more from a recycling point of view and being able to sell specific things (coz I can't get to the shops easily myself). The other option is just freecycle I suppose.

venys Wed 08-Nov-17 13:37:56

Hmm it looks as though that setting is not available on the app. I hardly ever have access to my computer.

GoulishGoblinPumpkinSnatcher Wed 08-Nov-17 16:21:11

Yes it's not on the app. You need to log on to the actual eBay website and do it. Pain I know!

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