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Help - overseas buyer when listed as no overseas shipping

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Caroian Tue 24-Oct-17 13:40:58

I've only been selling on eBay for a few months and still a bit clueless! Today I "sold" an item on BIN, in so far as I got a sold notification, but no payment came through. I've now had a message from the buyer basically saying they really want to buy the item and what should they do? Gut response is "pay for it then!" but looking at their profile (which has zero feedback), they are based in S Korea. The item was listed with no overseas postage, and I don't really want to ship it overseas. So what do I do? If I cancel the sale does that reflect on me, and can I relist (it's a £50 item). How were they able to "buy" it, without paying and when they are outside the areas I ship to - how do I stop this happening again?Help!

nauticant Tue 24-Oct-17 18:56:27

Are you enrolled in ebay's Global Shipping Programme (GSP)?

You can find out here:

Account settings

-> Selling Preferences

--> Postage and packaging preferences

---> Offer the Global Shipping Programme

The way to avoid accidental sales is to opt out of the GSP and go into Postage and packaging preferences and edit the Exclude postage locations from your listings setting.

Caroian Tue 24-Oct-17 21:56:26

Thanks for the reply. I'm not part of Global Shipping and whilst I had specified no international shipping, I evidently hadn't blocked locations, as you suggest. I cancelled the sale - eBay confirmed to select "problem with the buyers address" and have relisted with the exclusions now in place!

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