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Separate accounts for buying and selling?

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smallmercys Sun 01-Oct-17 11:35:03

For practical reasons I need to use eBay rather than the other means available to sell my storage clear outs. I mainly buy with my existing account, since I had a nasty experience with a buyer when selling when I last moved with a spiteful purchaser threatening leaving negative feedback. They tried to bully me into accepting a courier, when - you've guessed it - for practical reasons I had said upfront on the auction page that I wasn't able to do that. They left negative feedback anyway even though the transaction was cancelled confused I've left off selling again until now because of the hassle of that.

My question is should I open a separate account for this short selling period because I mostly buy off eBay? What's your experience on this, kind eBayers?

verystressedmum Sun 08-Oct-17 22:28:37

I have different buying and selling accounts but I sell a lot and I buy a lot.
I don’t see a problem with selling with the same account yes there’s a chance of a negative but on your new account if you sell it may put buyers off if you have feedback score of 0 and if you do get a few positives then a negative your percentage will be very low which may put buyers off too.
You’ll need a different email address to open a new account and just link it to your PayPal account like your other account.

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