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HELP! Return labels

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Caroian Sat 01-Jul-17 08:29:34

How can I tell if I've actually purchased a return label?

I've agreed to a return(buyer is complaining about an area of wear claiming "not as described" despite me having included the EXACT same picture she's sent in the original listing - but I know eBay always side with the buyer so I'm cutting my losses). However when I got to the return label page it seemed to crash. There is no option Nywhere now to buy a label. Has it gone through?

I'm also stressing now that I should have had the chance to choose a postage option as if it comes basic second class presumably it's not fully insured?

I think this is the end of my brief eBay selling experience!!

19lottie82 Sat 01-Jul-17 10:05:00

Go to the my account tab and then select resolution centre. You should see the case under return requests, and there will be a status. If a return label hasn't been issued then the status will show this.

If the seller sends it back without proof of delivery and it gets lost then it's their responsibility not yours.

However if you don't issue a returns label they can choose to escalate the case and you will review a defect.

If you haven't issued one and you can't find the option to send one you can call eBay and ask them to help or buy one from MyHermes (or similar) and send it to the buyer, there will be an option to "confirm you have sent your own label".

Hope this helps.

Caroian Sat 01-Jul-17 16:59:40

Thank you. Seems to be ok.

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