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eBay tips - how to sell items fast?

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AteRiri Sat 03-Jun-17 22:33:45

Please share what has worked for you!

ImaLannister Sun 04-Jun-17 08:16:41

Low starting price at auction? Decent Buy it Now price?

NisekoWhistler Sun 04-Jun-17 08:20:51

Fair postage charges, lots of key words in the title. Clear pictures

nellifurtardo Sun 04-Jun-17 08:26:33

Good bright and clear photos, good descriptions, low starting price if auction. Buy it now prices need to be in line or lower than your competition so check what others are selling similar/same items for.

lljkk Mon 05-Jun-17 19:50:30

Low price buy it now good condition desirable item.

Some stuff is never gonna sell. Most women's clothing never sells.

user1495915742 Tue 06-Jun-17 09:27:22

Buy it now or best offer
Check what previous items have sold for and don't price too high
Free postage and packing
12 clear photos from every angle
Very honest description

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