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Selling item but just noticed it's faulty

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CerealShopper Sat 03-Jun-17 22:10:40

I have messaged the winning bidder to highlight the fault and they have said that they are happy to receive the item, albeit at a reduced cost. I have made an offer that has been accepted.

My question is how to actually proceed now. Should I cancel the sale and re-list as a BIN? I'm concerned about being charged by PayPal for the original sale price, and want everything to be transparent and above board for all our sakes .

AteRiri Sat 03-Jun-17 22:21:35

Send an invoice reflecting the reduced amount.

CerealShopper Sat 03-Jun-17 22:25:34

Ok, so need to cancel and re-list? And I do the invoice from PayPal not eBay?

Sorry for all the questions!

AteRiri Sat 03-Jun-17 22:28:29

No, you send the invoice through eBay. It has an option to put in the amount when you click the send invoice link - or at least, it used to have that.

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