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Signed for error by PO

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sleepyfergus Wed 17-May-17 16:14:25

I posted some items today, all 2nd class signed for. I'm back home now and inputting the tracking numbers against the listings.

I've noticed that on the chitty the PO has provided, it has logged the same house number and postcode against 2 parcels. I am 100% sure that the addresses were different on the parcels so the error has been when the PO guy was processing them.

What will happen? Will the Post office realise that the signed for record and the address on the parcel do not match? Will the address on the parcel overrule the system? Am so annoyed as I don't know know which items has been processed correctly and which one is wrong.

I was actually a bit hacked off with him as he put through a couple of items as a small parcel when I think they could have been a large letter. I challenged him on one of them as it was obvious it could have been a large letter and he put it through the measuring guide gadget easily and agreed with me and then asked me if I was him to change it....erm, yes!!

Anyway, he also made comment about how expensive this was for me, and I said "yes but it's eBay stuff and the buyers have paid for the postage" - which some had, I vary what I charge depending on the product. Some I do p&p for free. I wasn't about to go into each and every item, (it's none of his business) and I think that's why he was a bit unfussed about what he was putting it through as. He was also a bit slap dash, all the par else on top of one another, a messy counter to contend with so hardly surprising he made a mistake.

Adviceappreciated88 Wed 17-May-17 16:19:09

Hi. A similar thing happened to me a while back. They'll go with the address on the parcel as far as I know so I wouldn't worry too much smile

sleepyfergus Wed 17-May-17 21:28:31

Thanks, I hope that's the case. Bloody annoying though!

Adviceappreciated88 Thu 18-May-17 00:16:02

It is isn't it! I've started printing my labels at home and proof of posting so all the post office have to do is stamp it so it's valid. X

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