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Are any other eBayers dreading the prospect of leaving the single market?

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Asmoto Sun 23-Apr-17 02:35:06

I trade a lot within the EU, and I'm really dreading the idea of leaving the single market. When I compare the experience of trading within the EU to the (rare) occasions I have ventured outside, my heart sinks - the lengthy customs delay; as a buyer, having to pay import VAT plus handling charges. Some of my pro-Brexit friends have called me shallow for having these concerns - but I think leaving the single market will have a devastating impact on all online marketplaces. I'm not looking for a Brexit bunfight, but I wondered what other eBayers thought?

19lottie82 Sun 23-Apr-17 08:46:19

Not really no, but I don't sell a lot outwith the UK.

The thing that has totally hammered me is the poor pound since the referendum, as I buy most of my stock from China in USD.

It used to be 1.5 $=D now it's about 1.2 😓🐱😊, I'm really struggling.

wobblywindows Thu 27-Apr-17 13:24:43

I'm not expecting anything to change. The global shipping program works fine for my little bit of exporting, and none of my imports are sufficiently expensive to attract VAT. I might order up some extras from China, to be on the safe side.

fafflygood Fri 28-Apr-17 10:36:48

I'm on the continent and buy regularly from a particular UK seller (and also love a bit of Emma Bridgewater). I won't be able to afford to after Brexit, just as I can't afford to buy from the US - other than super-cheap items - because the import taxes are prohibitive.

I hardly think that being concerned about your livelihood is 'shallow', your friends are being very unfair. Do they never think of their finances?

Sugarcoma Fri 28-Apr-17 19:27:19

On the flip side you now won't have to declare an individual VAT return for every country you sell to within the EU...

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