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Buying on eBay but the seller says PayPal would not work

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ProfessorLayton1 Thu 20-Apr-17 08:40:22

He wants cash which Is not possible so is asking for postal order,cheque or bank transfer
Only registered in March with no feedback comments
It is a good deal and would really like to buy the goods he is selling
How do you go about doing this?

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl Thu 20-Apr-17 08:43:17

Why won't PayPal work

tattychicken Thu 20-Apr-17 08:44:00

I'd be very suspicious.

honeysucklejasmine Thu 20-Apr-17 08:46:15

Nope. Scam alarm should be ringing.

ijustwannadance Thu 20-Apr-17 08:47:18

I had an issue paying with paypal on my PC last night. When I clicked paypal choice nothing happened. Worked fine on my phone though.

Is it an iphone or similar you bought? Lots of dodgy sellers for that kind of thing.

ShotsFired Thu 20-Apr-17 08:57:44

@ProfessorLayton1 It is a good deal and would really like to buy the goods he is selling

HOW good a deal? So good it smells a bit off? What are other sellers selling equivalents for? I would be very wary of this already, so many things not quite right...

Midnightprobs Thu 20-Apr-17 09:00:13

Don't do it. PayPal is there for a reason and so is feedback.

ProfessorLayton1 Thu 20-Apr-17 09:12:57

It is a bar chair and it is ex display so it is cheap.
I thought if I arrange for a courier and pay only 25 percent before that and the rest after the courier picks up ?

19lottie82 Thu 20-Apr-17 16:03:59

nope, don't do it, you're leaving yourself wide open to being ripped off. And if you do, unless you paid with PayPal, eBay won't offer you any assistance whatsoever.

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