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Paypal payments & collections

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Namechangerforthisonly Sat 15-Apr-17 21:51:10

Any advice please?

Buyer (whose history shows just 6 transactions in total since joining) paid by Paypal despite my asking him not to.

He then collected the item when I wasn't in as I foolishly said I'd leave it outconfused

I am an idiot! Can I blame my baby-brain?!

Worried as obviously he can say he hasn't received the item. Also desparately keeping fingers crossed that as he is new to ebay he won't think of saying he hasn't received it. it worth me leaving feedback now for him just to back up my case if needed? I have contacted him via the official method but he hasn't replied (Not unusual for him!)

What can I do to help my case if he says he hasn't received it?

I repeat....I am an idiot & don't need to be told sad

nauticant Sat 15-Apr-17 22:03:43

You are not an idiot, you just made an assumption that most people are decent. Most people are decent.

Very few buyers do the "collect then claim not received" scam. It's worth guarding against, but it's not inevitably going to go wrong. In my experience new (zero feedback) ebayers, who I often find myself shipping >£200 items to, are completely fine.

There isn't a magic precaution you can now apply. Just wait and see. You should be within the 95%+ of sellers who have no problem at all taking Paypal for collection.

However, for peace of mind next time do things differently. But don't let it spoil what I hope will be a relaxing Easter Day tomorrow.

Namechangerforthisonly Wed 19-Apr-17 21:05:46

Thankyou, nauticant.

I haven't heard from the buyer yet but neither have I received feedback. Feels like I'm playing a waiting game now....

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