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Handling 'not as described' return

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SeaWitchly Thu 06-Apr-17 16:54:53

Hello lovely MN Ebayers,

I sold a brand new jigsaw skirt in a very small size which had never been worn... and buyer has now come back to me stating that they are disappointed as the skirt doesn't fit and doesn't have an elasticated waist as per the description [it does have an elasticated waist!]. The item description also had measurements included so buyer should have referred to these when making the decision to bid!
She hasn't asked for a refund but I presume this is what she is angling for... I would be happy enough for her to return it for a refund of the item [it only sold for £4!] but I imagine that she is hoping for a full refund and for me to pay return postage - and second class signed for postage will be nearly £8 both ways and I feel it is unfair that I will be asked to refund this on an item which actually is as described!
Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do next? I was thinking of emailing the buyer and saying I was sorry to hear they were disappointed and asking how they wanted to resolve the issue... Perhaps then offer a partial refund of actual item's cost [£4] when I had received the returned item.
What do you all think? So annoying though when it seems to me to be a case of buyers remorse!

SeaWitchly Thu 06-Apr-17 16:56:54

And I know that ebay tends to side with the buyer, so I am concerned that they will just refund the buyer the item cost and initial postage charge.... and then make me pay the return postage as well!

19lottie82 Thu 06-Apr-17 18:58:15

If she opens a case then eBay will force you to purchase a return label for her which costs £2.99.

You're best just getting her to open a case and do that. I feel your pain but that's the way EBay works, unfortunately. You should always conduct returns through a case as it keeps everything recorded and avoids any further conflicts.

SeaWitchly Thu 06-Apr-17 19:13:15

Thanks Lottie, that is very helpful.
It is so annoying though... as I can even see the skirt has an elasticated waist in the photo and I also included all measurements so buyer could see whether it would be a good fit.
The buyer is now trying to make out that I inappropriately described the skirt and I didn't... and will now be out £7 in original and return postage fees! angry
But as you say, what can you do? What actually is the point of ebay asking if you accept returns as a private seller when really you HAVE to accept ALL returns, justified all otherwise, and pay all postage costs associated hmm

SeaWitchly Thu 06-Apr-17 19:14:41

I have messaged the buyer expressing regret for their disappointment and asking whether they would like to open a return case with ebay.

SeaWitchly Thu 06-Apr-17 19:27:15

I have just had another buyer asking if I could send an item to Spain... but this would cost me £10 to do and I cannot take the risk of then being out of pocket £20 if they decided I they did not like the item and wanted to return...!
Ebay seems like it can be a lot of work for very little return. I am very careful with my descriptions and photos and try to give as much honest information as I can that will be useful to potential buyers. So it stings when something like this happens and you realise that ebay will side with the buyer all the way, even when you are an honest seller!
Sorry guys, just having a little moan here sad grin

19lottie82 Thu 06-Apr-17 19:42:13

Sea there is nothing you can do, unfortunately. EBay is a great selling platform but unfortunately you get the odd twunt like this who ruins it for decent sellers.

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