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How do I find out if I've restricted any countries?

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alltoomuchrightnow Wed 15-Mar-17 22:28:51

I joined eBay's Global Shipping Programme last year (after years of selling regularly) as it makes things much easier as they take care of shipping abroad.. I only have to get it to Derbyshire and they pass it on so it takes out the headache I used to have of working out international prices (I sell a lot of heavy and odd shaped items) and worrying about things getting lost.

Anyway.. someone from Belgium wants to bid on one of my items and can't as he says I won't send to Belgium! (it won't let him place a bid)
How can I check this.. as far as I know, I've not restricted any country

ImaLannister Thu 16-Mar-17 07:37:29

Hi, first of all I find it a whole lot easier to go onto the actual eBay website rather than the app to change my settings. So, log onto eBay via the website, not the app. Go on to 'my account' then from there go on to 'site preferences' once on this scroll down and find 'postage and packaging preferences' You then need to find the sentence 'exclude postage locations from my listings' then click edit. From there you can tick/untick countries and be able to actually see what locations you've excluded.
Once your all happy with what you have ticked press the 'apply' button at the bottom.
Sorry to drip feed you, but i figured it's best explaining the exact steps you need to take!
But be warned, if you send signed for etc it is only traceable to the depot in the U.K. It doesn't stop people abroad being able to pull a fast one saying it hasn't arrived etc.
Hope this all helps 😀

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