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Selling cash on collection items

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Sixisthemagicnumber Mon 13-Mar-17 10:40:25

I just sold an item on eBay. It is several hundred pounds and it is cash on collection only. What happens if the buyer doesn't turn up to collect the item? I haven't sold anything for cash on collection before and I am concerned that I will get lumbered with eBay selling fees even if the buyer doesn't turn up and pay.
Also, I specified more than once that it was cash on collection but eBay didn't let me Remove the PayPal option (perhaps because it was a fixed price listing?) so what happens if the buyer pays by PayPal?

I have another item to list which will be cash on collection only so I need to get my head around how it works.

ImaLannister Mon 13-Mar-17 11:07:58

Hi six. You opt for cash on collection/pick up when you select the postage option. Now I'm not sure if even tho you selected this if the buyers can still pay by PayPal. I think they can, if this is the case and buyer does then you must refund him immediately and explain you only accept cash on collection. You can refund him by opting to cancel the sale, you will find this on the options next to your sold item, or get the buyer to opt to cancel, but if he doesn't then you must do it). This should get your fees back. But the item is then free to re list again. So to avoid all of that just message him again reminding not to pay you via PayPal. You can just refund him via PayPal - go to the transaction and select refund this payment, but I'm not sure if you get eBay fees back if you do it that way.
Hope this helps.

Sixisthemagicnumber Mon 13-Mar-17 11:11:50

I did select the collection only option on the postage section but it wouldn't let me list for a fixed price without having the PayPal box ticked. I emailed the buyer with a counter offer reiterating that it was cash on collection only and he has emailed me since agreeing the price saying he is collecting later in the week so hopefully he has understood that it is cash only.
It would be so much easier if eBay just let you remove the PayPal function when you have specified collection only.
Thanks for the help and advice. I really dislike selling through eBay but I have advertised elsewhere with no joy so had to resort to eBay.

ImaLannister Mon 13-Mar-17 11:13:33

And if they don't turn up and you hear nothing after a few days then open an unpaid item case. On mine EBay open them automatically after 4 days of non payment. But you can choose one to open in less than 4 days. I just think 4 days is suitable as sometimes they genuinely forget and after a payment reminder being sent a case then gets opened. You can choose this automatic case opening option in account settings, then site preferences. They get so many days to pay, if they don't pay then eBay close the case in your favour, refunding your fees and it is then free to re list.

ImaLannister Mon 13-Mar-17 11:17:53

One only sold 1 thing cash on collection n that was my car. So I can't remember if I had to tick paypal. But I always say in the description cash on collection too. Buyers should normally adhere to that. So I wouldn't worry if he will pay via PayPal just yet. But just keep an eye on your paypal just incase. But once he's collected and has given you cash you then select 'paid' next to the sold item. So once he's been the worry will have gone I suppose for you.

ImaLannister Mon 13-Mar-17 11:18:28

Ive** not one - at the start of my last post. Silly typo auto correct

Sixisthemagicnumber Mon 13-Mar-17 11:27:17

Thank you. That's very helpful. I am
Probably being premature in my Worrying but you hear so many stories about sellers being left out of pocket that I wanted to make sure I got it right as the item was nearly £500.
Thanks again, I feel reassured now.

baabi Mon 13-Mar-17 18:08:09

Hi, you can not remove the PayPal option from your listing. In principle a buyer can pay by PayPal but as a seller you are within your rights to refuse and insist on cash. As said before, if they pay, just refund the the payment and insist on cash, giving them the option to cancel transaction if not happy. Basically there is no seller protection for collection items paid by PayPal. If they don't turn up to collect just raise a non payment case. Be aware that some buyers might give you sob stories why they can't pay cash. Just stand your ground, be polite in your communications and don't take it personally. I have sold lots of items on collection and make no exceptions, cash only, no waiting for carriers and no negotiating the price when they come to collect. smile

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