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A new one, dodgy selling tactic

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Previously1488218868 Wed 01-Mar-17 02:16:19

In almost 15 years this is a first. If you are new to Ebay watch out for this.

Bought an item which arrived in an obviously pre-sold and returned condition - was sold as new and didn't work. Messaged the seller and explained, they asked for some photos, so sent photos and asked for a returns label as you do.

No label appeared, I asked again, and again. They attached a photo of a label. Knowing that if I printed and used it, it wouldn't be tracked by Ebay I asked for a printable label via Ebay. They insisted they had sent one over and over. After a few more attempts I opened a case and Ebay sent me a label.

Anyone new to Ebay would likely not realise this would result in not getting a refund or an item if they used the photo.

Item went back, refund issued by Ebay as it was tracked with the label. All done I thought.

Next day I find they had appealed, no idea what reason. It wouldn't have been honest that's for sure. I have e.mails from Ebay Support just in case but I can't believe the cheek of this woman. Her lies are all in the message system though, to be seen as I reported her.

Watch out for these tricks.

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