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Buyer wants sent to different address

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Harharrrr Mon 27-Feb-17 01:37:39

Hope you can help me I'm not an experienced seller.

I sold a top for around £6 and the buyer messaged me straight away asking if I can send to her university address.
I said yes but asked if she could update her address on ebay when she checksout

So two days go by and I've not received payment and I message her again. Literally 20 seconds after I message her she messages back saying PayPal won't let her update her address and can't I just send the item?? She then sends payment. A bit weird...

Not sure what to do??
if I do send to her uni address she may claim it's not received and PayPal policy won't cover me because I sent to address different from on the invoice. I'm planning to send with tracking.

Really can't afford to lose any money :0
Also apparently she's a postgraduate but doesn't know how to add an address on Paypal?? Surely it can't be that hard?? I've done it before and I've never even been to college lol

I might just give in and post it to her I don't know.
Hope I'm not being too paranoid I've just been caught up in eBay scams before although different situation to this.
Any advice would be helpful...

19lottie82 Mon 27-Feb-17 07:04:26

OK the rule here is to maintain your seller protection you have to send your item with a service that provides proof of delivery to the address provided with the PayPal payment.

HOWEVER if I sold an item for £6, personally I wouldn't bother sending it signed for as the value is so low, so changing the address doesn't really make a difference, IFSWIM?

If it was a more expensive item that would warrant a more expensive postal service with PoD then yes I would refund the buyer , explain the situation and ask them to repay, changing the delivery address.

Saying that you are obviously within your rights to do that with this sale, but personally in this instance I wouldn't bother, as the buyer may want to wait to repay until they physically recieve the refund back into their account, which usually takes 3 working days.

I hope all of that makes sense!

Harharrrr Mon 27-Feb-17 09:24:40


Youre probably right I maybe just over reacted a bit lol
I've told her I'll just post it

UmmNo Mon 27-Feb-17 09:30:03

How about asking her for 'proof' of her address and identity. I.e. Tell I'll do you a favour but can you send me a quick photo of your address with your name. She will have it on her rent agreement or on a bill or letter or something.

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