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Can someone tell me how to add 'buy it now' to an item already listed?

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Maddison Wed 28-Feb-07 20:33:08

Want to add buy it now to an item i listed earlier today but i'm not sure how to do it.

can anyone enlighten me please

SlightlyMadScientist Wed 28-Feb-07 20:34:12

I don't think you can......maybe someone knows better than me though

Surfermum Wed 28-Feb-07 20:45:24

I tried to do this on Sunday but was too late. I think it said if there is more than 12 hours to go, and no bids, you can change it. If you go into your listing and click on revise your item you can change it - if you aren't "allowed" to it won't let you change the field.

nikkie Wed 28-Feb-07 21:14:08

You are only allowed to revise if you have a certain amount of feedback too

<<<Waves to SMS>>>

SlightlyMadScientist Wed 28-Feb-07 21:16:35

for Nikkie

Maddison Wed 28-Feb-07 21:37:42

Thanks for that, I'll give it a go

nikkie Wed 28-Feb-07 21:45:18

at SMS

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