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declined return agreed with buyer but can't work out how to update the return with ebay

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Radiodependent Sun 22-Jan-17 12:04:13

Hi, sorry new to this board so apologies if this has been done before. I sold a Boden dress to a buyer last week and she requested a return saying it was fake as the material was substandard. I told her I have the original receipt and that it isn't fake (it isn't!) and she agreed that I was right in a message but ebay keeps emailing me saying I have to respond to the return and I don't know what to press as there is no decline button! Anyone able to advise? Thanks!

19lottie82 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:59:37

you need to message the buyer and ask her to close the return request.

If she doesn't reply you have 2 choices, either let the request time out, or accept the return.

The risk of the first option is that if she changes her mind and asks eBay to step in and help (because you haven't accepted the return), then you'll get a default.

If you accept a return and she doesn't send it back it will eventually also timeout. You will be asked to confirm you will pay for a returns label but you won't actually be charged unless the buyer uses it.

Radiodependent Mon 23-Jan-17 07:49:51

Thanks, I messaged her last night so will see what happens. Otherwise I guess will just have to press accept and see if it times out.

GeminiRising Tue 24-Jan-17 14:37:26

Don't press accept on the return request, if she changes her mind she'll be able to print a label and return it at your cost and you won't be able to recoup that money.

If she doesn't close the request, contact Ebay and tell them the customer had thought it was fake but has now seen the receipt. Then if she doesn't close it, it will close automatically after a certain time period.

19lottie82 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:02:22

Gemini if the OP doesn't accept the request then she risks a defect (unless the buyer closes it). EBay CS won't close a return request on the sellers say so.

19lottie82 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:04:27

........ and the OP won't be charged for a return label unless it's actually used (scanned into the PO system)

ImYourMama Tue 24-Jan-17 15:08:35

You basically have to accept the return, either now or later, this is why eBay have removed the option for sellers to decline the return

Radiodependent Fri 27-Jan-17 10:54:43

Thanks all, she closed the return for me after I told her the style number and that I had a receipt showing it was genuine Boden.

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