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Just listed a perfume, so what s the logic behind....

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mustrunmore Fri 23-Feb-07 10:18:10

... only being able to list it for 5 day minimum ie cant do a 1 or 3 day listing? The only thing I can think isto cut down on scams, as it gives extra time to check authenticity? I've never sold anything before that it would be possible to counterfit really, so this rule is a new one on me!

sixlostmonkeys Fri 23-Feb-07 15:06:44

You need to have bought/sold a certain number of items before you can have the option of 1 or 3 days.

Is there a reason you would have preferred 1 or 3?

mustrunmore Fri 23-Feb-07 15:34:56

Because I have no patience

But I've sold alot of other things on 3 day listings bfore...?

sixlostmonkeys Fri 23-Feb-07 16:11:13

ah right, it will be the counterfeit thing then. You can no longer list for 1 or 3 days in certain categories.
have patience, go for 10 days, get rich

zippitippitoes Fri 23-Feb-07 16:21:05

it's a good rule i think i won a apple laptop a few weeks ago for about 400.00 and it was a three day list..but she had used someone else's lsiting and set it up at the same time ie after the start oif the first one and ending before it and i was lucky i got suspicious and didn't pay as ebay fraud office got involved and not long after some rules changed

nikkie Fri 23-Feb-07 18:30:38

I always go for 7 or 10 as it gives more 'advertising ' time.

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