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Buyer wants to return item but I can decline

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MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 12:07:35

I posted this on another thread but was advised to start a new one, so apologies if you've read it before.

I've had a return request. Buyer says Item doesn't fit and is not genuine.
Ebay suggest various options: Accept the return... Decline the return.
AFAIK the item was genuine but I did think the sizing ran a little small which is why I listed it.
The buyer was a PITA sending lots of barely literate messages along the lines of 'can you send it first thing tomorrow'.
I don't mind running the risk of bad feedback.

I haven't declined (but probably will) or accepted. The item is great and I believe it to be genuine, but was just a bit too snug on me.
The buyer has messaged me that she will be sending it back today or tomorrow.

Do I decline now, or let her send it back and then decline?

nauticant Fri 06-Jan-17 12:42:00

When did you send the item?

MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 12:47:17

This week. I have until 13th Jan to accept or decline the refund.

QueenMortifauxcado Fri 06-Jan-17 12:50:51

Personally I would ask them to gain proof of the item not being genuine, usually a statement from the manufacturer/store.

Was the sizing clearly detailed in the listing and was it particularly expensive?

I'm not sure why you would want the item back before declining the return, that seems off to me if you're not willing to send it back.

ClaudiaWankleman Fri 06-Jan-17 12:51:03

I think you have to accept the return. Distance selling regs?

MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 12:57:22

ebay says I don't have to refund. Main reason for return is too small. It was sold as 'Used' and no return.

It was an item that would retail at about £130 and was sold for just over £20. The size is as described in the listing and the item is AFAIK genuine. I bought it used, it was too snug so I relisted it.

The issue really is should I decline now and run the risk of negative feedback or let the buyer send it back of her own free will and then decline the return? The buyer has been a PITA.

MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 12:59:45

Queen, I am the seller not the buyer. I sold a nice thing cheaply and she wants to send it back and get a refund. I don't want to, or have to, refund her.

Branleuse Fri 06-Jan-17 13:02:43

i think its pretty shitty to not accept returns for clothes bought online

CurlsNoMore Fri 06-Jan-17 13:05:39

No reason to accept a return, particularly as you had a no return policy. Sizes vary greatly so when buying online we all know it is a risk. Sounds like she has got a bargain.

ALLthedinosaurs Fri 06-Jan-17 13:06:18

Its a complete PITA because basically youre in the right because she hasn't read the description but I would accept the return (specify sent recorded), block buyer and sell it again. Just not worth the negative.

I had this with a buyer claiming a monsoon dress was fake (who the FUCK fakes Monsoon?) because it arrived creased. I told her she was welcome to send it back once she'd ironed it but funnily enough she decided to keep it hmm

LuluLovesFruitcakes Fri 06-Jan-17 13:10:35

I would decline.
I buy alot from ebay, and if you've listed it as "no returns" then you've made the buyer aware that it is a non-returnable item.
I absolutely wouldn't try and return an item that I've bought as non-returnable, whether it was sized wrong or not.

Out of curiosity - when you listed it, did you say that it's Size x but snug fitting?

Ellapaella Fri 06-Jan-17 13:13:23

It's not shitty not to accept a return - at the end of the day as a buyer you run the risk of the item not being a good fit when you buy second hand clothes online which is why if you want to try things on and be sure of a good fit I'm afraid you have to fork out and pay for new. You can't seriously expect to get the same service as buying new from the manufacturer when you have paid a fraction of the price for a used item on eBay. Personally I would accept it as it's so much hassle otherwise and relist - remember you can also leave feedback on the buyer and make clear to other sellers that they are inclined to do this sort of thing. This is the kind of thing I hate about selling on eBay - buyers who expect brand new quality for very little money and inundate you with copious emails and requests and threats about bad feedback. For 'branded' items Op there are numerous Facebook selling sites for big names which in my opinion are a lot better - both buyers and sellers tend to be more reliable and much easier to deal with.

QueenMortifauxcado Fri 06-Jan-17 13:14:26

I got that, it's more that she might have a claim if she can prove the item is not as described (under DSR which is now consumer contracts) in which case the path of least resistance is to get the item back and resell it. She might get this on the basis of the sizing/measurements not being clearly listed or on it not being genuine. Ime difficult buyers usually give up when asked to present proof anyway.

Keeping the item and money intentionally is wrong on just about every level so I wouldn't do that, have the parcel returned to sender if you keep the money.

If the item was won on bid you might have more luck listing it as a buy it now, tends to go for a higher price that way, which might somewhat make up for the hassle.

MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 13:25:57

I don't think she can prove that the item is fake - I'm pretty convinced it's not. It is something where the manufacturer's site says you should get the next size up. (e.g. if you were size 26 then get size 27 not 25)

The original listing showed the size clearly. She is returning it because it is too small.

I think that by saying she's putiing it in the post today she is bullying me into accepting the return. I don't want the item returned and I don't want (or have to) refund her.

She bid on NYE.

pinkblink Fri 06-Jan-17 13:29:21

If she puts it in the post today at least you don't have to pay return postage, otherwise eBay will send her a return label and bill you for it

llangennith Fri 06-Jan-17 13:39:09

If you're a regular eBay seller I think I'd refund her the £20 to maintain positive feedback.

MikeUniformMike Fri 06-Jan-17 13:46:51

She probably will give me negative feedback regardless. Thankd=s for your suggestions though.

HeavenlyEyes Fri 06-Jan-17 13:51:25

don't give partial refund to keep your feedback - she could still neg anyway. Do you think she has worn it and now will send it back used?

19lottie82 Fri 06-Jan-17 13:57:34

MUM what does ebay state the reason for return is?

You say the buyer says the item doesn't fit and claims it isn't genuine. Her return request can't cover both of these reasons.

There are 2 types of return, a non fault (it doesn't fit), and a mis described case (it's not genuine).

If the return is based on the fact the item doesn't fit, then no you don't have to accept it. But if it's the latter, then ebay will force a return if you refuse. (The buyer doesn't have to prove the item is fake).

You say in your listing that the item is genuine "as far as you know"........ is it? Did you buy it personally from a authorised retailer? If you're not 100% sure then I would accept the return, even if it's under a non fault request, as it's pretty poor if the buyer has purchased what she thought was a genuine article and it's turned out not to be.....

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Fri 06-Jan-17 13:58:55

^It was already used. Maybe it shrank in the wash before OP bought it used. Irrespective, if you listed it as for eg a size 18 acc to the tag when you knew from your own experience it was a size 16, then you just passed along the disappointment.
If you actually wrote in the description it was a snug fit then fair enough.

19lottie82 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:00:48

This is why it's always a good idea to take the garment measurements yourself and list them in the description. Sizes vary from make to make, so someone's perception of a 12 can be different to someone elses if they are used to different brands.

QueenMortifauxcado Fri 06-Jan-17 14:02:44

Decline the return. If the parcel turns up reject it or return to sender. If that's not possible ask if she'd like it returning at her cost. That way you're covered. I'd still ask her to acquire proof if she thinks it's not genuine (after shutting the case), mainly because I think if you do you'll never hear from her again.

LTBforGin Fri 06-Jan-17 14:02:59

She can't return it without you giving her your address can she?

I'd refuse return.

hollmes Fri 06-Jan-17 14:05:27

Decline the return now, and if the parcel shows up, refuse to accept it and return to sender.

LTBforGin Fri 06-Jan-17 14:14:27

Apologise it doesn't fit but you gave all the also stated 'no returns'.

Pretty sure she can't return without you giving her your address.

And if she gives bad what? What harm can she do with 160 (or whatever it is) characters?

You're not in the wrong here. It's just unfortunate it doesn't fit her. Maybe she's worn it and wants to return it

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