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Full refund given... no final value credit?

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Chalk2000 Mon 19-Dec-16 21:49:03

Refunded two items I had sold, Ebay said I would get a final value free credit... checked invoice no credit for the refunds given ?

Chalk2000 Mon 19-Dec-16 22:03:54

Does it go onto next month invoice ?

19lottie82 Tue 20-Dec-16 08:47:29

How did you refund and how did eBay "say" you'd get your FVFs refunded?

Chalk2000 Thu 22-Dec-16 19:54:33

If you refund a buyer do you not get FVF refunded ? Ebay said on the phone i should get a refund for FVF and said I had done everything accurately ?

19lottie82 Thu 22-Dec-16 21:58:57

Did you refund via eBay, either via a dispute, or by putting in a cancellation request? Or just refund thru PayPal?

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