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Changing delivery to signed for

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squeezed Sun 18-Dec-16 18:47:03

It looks like an item I listed is going to sell for more than I expected (lucky me). I listed the item as RM second class delivery and would have got proof of postage, but I think it would be better now to have it signed for. This is after some horror stories I've heard on forums about buyers saying goods haven't arrived. I obviously wouldn't charge the buyer the additional cost, but would it be appropriate to ask the buyer if I could send it signed for instead?

pinkmagic1 Sun 18-Dec-16 18:49:08

I would just do it signed for and have in the past. It is not as though you are downgrading the postage, you are upgrading it.

squeezed Sun 18-Dec-16 19:05:23

OK thanks.

ilovesooty Sun 18-Dec-16 19:08:03

If I were the buyer I'd rather know as it might affect where I wanted it delivered to.

pinkblink Tue 20-Dec-16 22:11:24

Always send signed for!! You're not covered by PayPal if you don't have proof of delivery

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