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Buggeration- item paid for 10 days ago seller ignoring

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ClarissaDarling Tue 22-Nov-16 18:47:11

Bought an item 10 days ago, the seller is ignoring me now. Had a look at their history and previously they have got bad feedback for the same item not received. They're not a business seller, it's baby stuff... Is it too soon to raise issue??

19lottie82 Tue 22-Nov-16 22:34:36

As long as the latest delivery estimated date has passed you can open a not recieved case with eBay.

I'd open that now and once the case has been closed out, leave your feedback but keep it factual.

CotswoldStrife Tue 22-Nov-16 23:08:17

I'd open it sharpish, as I had to do this recently and eBay said they had 8 days to respond (even though the item had been paid for 11 days beforehand). Don't hang about would be my recommendation!

ClarissaDarling Wed 23-Nov-16 07:23:31

Thanks will do this now!

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