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Non collection of large item

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notarehearsal Mon 14-Nov-16 07:33:12

Sold a large wardrobe for around £200 around four weeks ago. The buyers eventually paid but then I have received excuse after excuse about when it would be collected. This wardrobe is now very much in the way and the room needs to be decorated for a family member to move into. I am no nearer getting a date from the buyers and unsure what to do
TBH I'm loathe to just reimburse and go through the whole process of putting it up on eBay again
What are my rights? what are my obligations to the buyer? do I have to hang on to this indefinitely ?
Would be so grateful for some advise please

19lottie82 Mon 14-Nov-16 12:05:33

You should NEVER accept PayPal for collection only items. It leaves you wide open to fraud.

Refund their payment (I'm assuming from your OP that they paid via PP) and tell them you can only accept cash on collection as PP voids your seller protection.

The give them a date to pick up the item by and tell them if they haven't collected it by then you will need to cancel the transaction.

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