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Returning to China

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Myfirstbornisacollie Mon 07-Nov-16 14:21:17

I bought a toy for my 3 year old for Christmas. Value £9.99 p&p £3.99. I only realised it was coming from China after I completed the sale.
The item arrived inadequately packaged & broken. I got in touch with the seller and they were keen for me to keep it, glue it and have a partial refund which I declined.
I started an official return request and had a message that they couldn't send me a returns label. The next message says that they will refund the full amount plus return postage costs when they receive the item. Looking online I expect it will cost £10 to return.
I'm concerned that I'm going to post it and then they will deny receiving it and will be left more out of pocket. If I get proof of posting is ebay going to back me into getting the full amount back?

19lottie82 Mon 07-Nov-16 16:29:31

You won't be refunded retrospectively.

Telephone eBay and say that seller won't provide returns label, how should you proceed?

Chances are eBay will just refund you.

Myfirstbornisacollie Mon 07-Nov-16 19:44:51

Thanks for your advice!

karalime Mon 07-Nov-16 19:54:31

Lots of sellers can't provide return shipping labels.

All you need to do is send tracked and signed for and you'll be covered. However, most sellers won't want to pay return postage for something that will go in the bin.

I would send photos and explain that the return postage will cost more than the item.

19lottie82 Mon 07-Nov-16 20:45:01

karalime sellers have to provide a returns label for faulty or misdescribed goods. If they "can't", well that's not the buyers problem.

Tracked And signed for to China will cost a fortune and the OP won't get that back.

Myfirstbornisacollie Tue 08-Nov-16 12:10:28

Thanks again for advice.
Just to update I spoke to eBay who advised as Lottie mentioned the seller is responsible for providing me with a returns label. eBay would not cover my cost if I did so, so glad I held off.
They advised me to tell the seller I'm waiting for a return label and if it's not resolved within the r

Myfirstbornisacollie Tue 08-Nov-16 12:10:53

Resolution period I'll be refunded!

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