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Where do you keep all your P&P materials?

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Sugarcoma Sun 06-Nov-16 23:40:02

I'm just getting back into eBaying and have been keeping padded envelopes and boxes from stuff we order online to reuse, plus have bubble wrap, brown paper etc - the problem is it's all just such a huge mess in the already messy 'office' room. When I've had eBaying bouts in the past it's been the same thing and I just can't seem to make it orderly.

So if you don't run a shop with a dedicated space for all this crap, how/where do you store it!?

JaceLancs Mon 07-Nov-16 02:04:44

I store it in the drawers under my bed with other stuff like wrapping paper n cards

coolpotato Fri 02-Dec-16 14:49:23

I keep my bags (I bulk order mailing bags from eBay in various sizes), labels and tissue in a bag for life in the cupboard under the stairs.

I used to save old Jiffy bags but don't tend to get so many of them now (most folks use the plastic mailing bags I find) plus they take up a bit of room and it was getting faffy to have to repair them before using, or cover up old address labels etc, plus they sometimes take quite a bit a sellotape to seal shut.

anahata Sat 03-Dec-16 17:02:42

Mine are currently in bags for life in the living room so I can have a wrapping session tonight. Totally agree with PP about using plastic mailing bags.

Mindtrope Sun 04-Dec-16 07:09:26

I keep them in a free standing cupboard in the living room. However atm ebay stuff dominates that room. I am making stuff to sell, and the whole floor is covered with materials.

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