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Tracked item 'progressing through network' since 25 Oct, buyer wants refund.

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RepentAtLeisure Thu 03-Nov-16 10:36:00

I sent it off last Tuesday so it's been over a week. Everything else I sent at the same time has been delivered. I think it's lost.

The RM site says compensation is payable only 10 working days after arrival due date. Technically today is day 5. Does this mean I need to hold off on the buyer's refund until then, in case it turns up?

19lottie82 Thu 03-Nov-16 14:16:22

I'm all for asking a buyer to wait a few days but If there hasn't been an update in a week then I'd refund. You don't want to end up with negative feedback.

RMs definition of "lost" is unfortunately a lot longer than eBay's.

The buyer can open a "not recieved" case with eBay the day it was due to arrive, if it hasn't shown up.

If they haven't opened a case yet get them to then you can refund (and get your eBay and PayPal fees back) with one click.

RepentAtLeisure Thu 03-Nov-16 17:17:43

Thank you for your help!

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