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Selling - postage question

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SeaWitchly Sun 30-Oct-16 21:17:58

I am wanting to sell a winter coat for around £50 on ebay.
I was wondering whether I should post it with proof of delivery for around £4 - £6.60 or £11 for tracked delivery? What do more experienced ebayers do?
Any advice would be much appreciated!

lljkk Sun 30-Oct-16 21:20:43

What would Myhermes charge with signature?

Meetyhags Sun 30-Oct-16 21:27:30

I haven't sold for a while, but for anything over £10 I use my Hermes, and then there is no dispute if the person 'claims' it didn't turn up. If you can't be in when they pick up, there are now drop off points. You can also use PayPal for myhermes making things easier. They have an easy to use website. Just make sure coat is really well packed, as they don't always treat items too well!

SeaWitchly Sun 30-Oct-16 22:00:03

Thank you, this is so helpful!
I will look at the Hermes website smile

SeaWitchly Sun 30-Oct-16 22:06:09

Another question - how do you estimate postage with myHermes?
The quote function wants me to put a postcode in but I obviously don't have a postcode to deliver to at this point confused

lljkk Sun 30-Oct-16 22:09:01

just put in any mainland, how about SW1A 2AA

SeaWitchly Sun 30-Oct-16 22:18:26

Thanks lljkk, I'll try that.
Otherwise I have now linked my ebay and myhermes accounts... I hope this was okay to do... Sorry for all the questions, ebay selling newbie grin

mateysmum Sun 30-Oct-16 22:25:13

Have a look at It gives you a choice of parcel companies and prices. Useful as they vary in how they calculate prices so the same firm will not always be cheapest iyswim. They normally include myhermes and link to websites. We often use this site when posting ebay items.

SeaWitchly Mon 31-Oct-16 23:04:01

Thanks matey smile

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