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can I approach a seller that's item didn't sell and make an offer?

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brimfull Sat 10-Feb-07 18:28:35

meant to bid on it ,but forgot and can see that it's ended and noone made a bid?
Am I allowed to send the seller a message?

mustrunmore Sat 10-Feb-07 18:31:03

you can say 'can you let me know if you will be relisting as I missed the end of auction?' kind of thing. Then its up to them to respond however they see fit, as they'll then have your email address...

brimfull Sat 10-Feb-07 18:32:28

ok great ! thanks

mustrunmore Sat 10-Feb-07 18:34:12

Was it anything interesting? <<<am very nosey!>>>

brimfull Sat 10-Feb-07 18:39:48

A skirt ,quite dull really.No more details you might bid on it!

TenaLady Sat 10-Feb-07 18:45:01

I have done, got a very nice cabin bed much cheaper.

SoupDragon Sat 10-Feb-07 18:48:22

I've done it too.

mygirllolipop Sat 10-Feb-07 21:24:44

Message withdrawn

mumtogusnalbie Sat 10-Feb-07 21:40:08

I have listed something with a buy it now price when I have been approached after the auction. This way you can bid straight away and win the item officially. Good luck!!

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