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Ebay Business - Delivery Charges

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ItsMeMellowma Fri 09-Feb-07 10:20:01

DH has started selling protein supplements through a few local gyms and it seem to be going quite well.

We have thought about expanding and selling them on ebay as we could easily match the prices atm.

The thing holding us back is delivery charges. When we look at prices for parcel of same weight we get quoted prices for around £7.00 which would eat all our profit.

Is there any way around this, ie does anyone know if there is a very very cheap delivery company or perhaps if you take a contract out with someone it is cheaper..

TIA for any advice or comments.

JARM Fri 09-Feb-07 10:21:32

£5.25 ebay courier?!

ItsMeMellowma Fri 09-Feb-07 10:53:44

Where do I find them?

Do I just to ebay and type in courier ?[thick emoticon]


foxtrot Fri 09-Feb-07 11:04:47

In ebay, click on 'commumity' and have a browse around the sections there, you'll find lots of info.

JARM Fri 09-Feb-07 11:06:10

selective2007 they are called.

ive only had 1 late collection (by 24hrs) but otherwise they have been good.

ItsMeMellowma Fri 09-Feb-07 11:20:11

Thanks I shall have a look.

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