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How long do I wait for payment??

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minko Fri 09-Feb-07 09:52:25

I sold a pair of shoes yesterday morning and they still aren't paid for. Am I being impatient? I'm fairly new to this but so far people have always paid straight away...

justbeme Fri 09-Feb-07 10:10:03

I left one sale for 2-3 days and then emailed the buyer to say - would she mind paying by Paypal as I was off to the Post Office and I could get her purchase on its way to her - she paid within a few hours!

minko Fri 09-Feb-07 10:19:11

Good idea, otherwise she'll have to wait till after the weekend for me to get to the post office...

nikkie Fri 09-Feb-07 20:52:25

I usually leave about 3 days then send another invoice with a note on saying they have a week from purchase to pay.

lazyline Sat 10-Feb-07 18:43:01

I would say that you should wait about a week. Payment within 7 days is fair. if they haven't paid in 7 days, you should e-mail and request payment in 48 hours or ELSE!!!

april74 Sun 11-Feb-07 17:38:19

i always wait 7 days, sometimes people get paid at the weekend and pay then, if not after 5 days I send a reminder, then after 7 days report to ebay.

SoupDragon Sun 11-Feb-07 17:43:05

Yesterday morning???? Oh for heaven's sake!! Yes, you're being impatient!

southeastastra Sun 11-Feb-07 17:44:09

we wait 10 days

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