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Sending an expensive coat via Royal Mail with confirmation. Advice? Thanks

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ShmooBooMoo Mon 10-Oct-16 21:34:26

I am listing a heavy wool coat, will hopefully sell for £140. I used the price finder on the Royal Mail site and the best option that came up was Parcelforce Worldwide Express 48 hours (signed for, guaranteed delivery in 48 hours, compensation up to £100) costing £12.98. Seems reasonable BUT can the above be done at the post office? The site prompts to buy postage online but I'd rather it just got done at the post office, if possible.

First class recorded (which I know can be done at the PO) is dearer, I think and only insures up to £50.

What would you do? Can anyone advise? Thanks so much!

Tellmewhyy Mon 10-Oct-16 21:38:35

Make sure that you get it tracked as well. I send a iPhone via 2nd class signed for and it never got received the post office only scan it at the beginning and once the buyer receives it. So it was lost and when I tried to track it it kept saying that it is processing through the network for 15 days.
I then had to refund the buyer and lose out on £70 Royal Mail are also very unhelpful.

greathat Mon 10-Oct-16 21:39:38

Try myhermes?

ShmooBooMoo Mon 10-Oct-16 22:16:27

Oh, that's awful! I thought tracked was for businesses only... I have currently listed Parcelforce 48 subject to change (though I have said it will need to be signed for at the other end). I am going to call my local depot tomorrow to ask about costs and whether the parcel is tracked. Thanks!
I have heard myhermes is unreliable (read so much neg stuff about them) and have never used a courier anyway? Is it straightforward? I'm relying on a friend for help re selling and getting the item off safely when/ if it sells so don't want to be too demanding smile

lljkk Mon 10-Oct-16 22:33:05

ime, Parcelforce would be the best option. They do home pickup I believe.

Myhermes is okay, easy enough to use, but Parcelforce would be better for that kind of item.

19lottie82 Tue 11-Oct-16 00:14:48

Yes, you can send it Parcelforce at the Post Office.

acurtis1234 Wed 12-Oct-16 11:34:51

There'a a tracked and insured up to £100 for about £7 odd through the Post Office. Must be Parcelforce.

Another option would be to go to all the courier options are listed side by side so you can decide which is best for you. Often cheaper than RM or PF.

For expensive items, I always list the postage as "other courier" so it gives me time to work out the best solution once I've packaged it all up and know the correct size and weight.

robin64 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:50:54

For a bulky item over £100 I would go myhermes because you can insure up to the correct amount and it is cheaper for bigger items. Otherwise special delivery and request correct cover.

lljkk Wed 12-Oct-16 21:31:20

How heavy is the coat, Schmoo?

ShiningWhit Wed 12-Oct-16 21:35:15

Check parcel monkey - there may be a UPS option
parcel to go

By buying parcleforce online you get better discounts - you print of the label and hand it over to the PO -
My Hermes don't cover the whole country - beware!

MakeJam Sun 16-Oct-16 10:53:40

Where I live the MyHermes driver signs the delivery note himself and throws the parcel in my neighbors' drive. BEWARE!

FlabulousChic Sun 16-Oct-16 18:38:50

That should go special delivery it's that simple anything over £60 has to go signed for and insured

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