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I am selling this 3 wheeler pushchair on ebay - advice wanted

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Mum2boys3 Wed 07-Feb-07 20:12:11

Hi everyone i am new to selling on ebay and would like some feed back or comments. I have listed my pram on ebay here is the link.

Thanks and if you intrested in buying let me know

Laura032004 Wed 07-Feb-07 20:21:06

There are a few spelling mistakes on the auction. You could try copy and pasting your text into word to spell check it, or I think Ebay has a spell checker function in the text editor? Just a small point, sorry if you think it's picking holes.

I'm sure you could get the courier price down. Payperdrop (a courier you book via Ebay) charge £5.99 per item, so two items would only be just under £12. Might attract a bit more interest then?

Possibly offer the option for people to come round and view it before bidding - even if you're not keen on this, it shows that you are genuine and the item really exists.

You don't say that you accept Paypal in your text, but you have offered it as an option below. I would feel happier as a buyer paying for this by Paypal, due to the protection it would offer. Perhaps not so good for you as a seller though if you get someone who claims their money back. The fees will also be quite a bit on £150+.

HTH a bit

misdee Wed 07-Feb-07 20:27:16

i charge £20 for two box delivery and use publicdomains on ebay (might be parcel2deliver now), they have never let me down yet, they charge £7.99 per parcel, but they do attempt delivery more than once, and are a lot more realiable that payperdrop.

LIZS Wed 07-Feb-07 20:33:15

Wonder if your starting price is a little high tbh. There are new 3 wheeler packages ,admittedly not as comprehensive or as hgih quality, on BIN for around that price or less. It is n't a well known brand in UK either. Do correct the spelling.

liquidclocks Wed 07-Feb-07 20:38:16

For something as expensive as this I'd add a subtitle to what you already have including the words puschair pram carseat and travel system. You'll get more hits that way I think.

I also think you should lower the starting bid to get more interest and remove the other brands from your description - you can get pulled up on ebay for doing that and they'll remove your listing.

Mum2boys3 Wed 07-Feb-07 21:37:20

Thabks alot i have corrected my spelling and checked the starting price fee £2 so not that much. i have lowered it to £100 start as well because there is no way i could let it go for less.

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