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Natter about pre-Christmas clear outs ?

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lljkk Sat 08-Oct-16 20:14:58

Between now & 20 December is generally the best time of year for sellers, on Ebay. I have stuff I literally held onto for 1yr+ to finally list last week. Kids are outgrowing stuff, I finally seemed to have shed most of my hoarding instincts, plus my teen wants to sell some of his tech, so there's lots to list!

Bit daunted, though, hope I get all the listing details right & buyers are happy with everything. X fingers. Anyone else on an Ebay selling blitz?

kslatts Sun 09-Oct-16 05:30:22

I am, my sister and I sold loads of stuff a while ago and put the money towards a holiday. Going to start again and hopefully have some towards another holiday for either 2017 or 2018.

lljkk Sun 09-Oct-16 08:08:29

What kind of stuff are you flogging, KS?

robin64 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:57:08

I will be. I did a lot last year- really concerted effort with all the Lego and toys in the loft - did pretty well. I will be continuing with this clear out shortly. It is a good time to sell and pays for much of Xmas pressies. If I do specially well on anything I'll share on here in case anyone has anything similar. The oddest things can sometimes go for more than you think.

Treadlightly Wed 12-Oct-16 19:08:20

I am having a massive eBay clearout too!
Got to cull some of the toys before xmas & the dc have so many clothes they've outgrown!

jaykay34 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:53:14

I just sold all of my toddler's 12-18 month winter clothes from last year, and got £150 in total.
It's well worth the effort.

glammanana Sun 23-Oct-16 08:58:22

I've done this for the past two years and made enough money to fund both Christmas's without having to go into our saving,also saved up in paypal for the spends to my sons wedding in Las Vegas over 12mths and made a tidy sum.Just remember to have your last posting about 2 weeks before xmas to give post time to arrive and sort out any problems you may have with buyers best of luck selling ladies.x

CointreauVersial Mon 24-Oct-16 02:15:19

Do toys sell well on eBay? Never thought to list them - I mainly sell clothes.

Mrscog Mon 24-Oct-16 07:38:42

I listed christmas clothes last night. I've got the ebay excitement now!

is there still a thread where we can link to our listing?

thissismyusername Fri 28-Oct-16 20:19:33

I'm selling boots at the moment, well listing them. I'm trying to get rid of all my impulse/sale buys I have been hoarding.

lljkk Sun 30-Oct-16 01:56:46

wow, £150 on baby clothes. I mostly sell toys. Tech stuff, too.

jaykay34 Sun 30-Oct-16 20:10:22

I've always done really well on baby clothes - but it is quite time consuming, and getting the listing and photos right really makes a difference. I usually do a large bundle of about 50 items, then sell coats, trainers, shoes, Xmas jumpers, designer stuff separately or in smaller bundles.
I do tend to buy stuff that seems to sell well on eBay, ie Next, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren. (I'm a massive sale shopper - and a few times I've actually got more for a second hand item than I originally paid.)

Mrscog I love the eBay excitement feeling ! I start everything at 99p so I never know how an auction will go !

Mrscog Mon 07-Nov-16 15:11:32

My first week went well - £20 in total. I've got some more stuff to list tonight too.

lljkk Tue 08-Nov-16 19:21:40

I've done quite well, £460 gross & maybe £300 net (not all for me). The duplo was my surprise, Duplo animals are very popular! DSis & games, metal cars, plastic army toys, big box of blue noses few days ago, DS's ipod last night....

Selling prices for desirable items should only go up over the next 4-5 weeks, btw, if anyone is wondering if it's worth the bother.

I think I'm getting down to the hard-to-sell stuff now.

glammanana Thu 10-Nov-16 09:21:11

I have come across a very nice collection of plus sized party clothes which I had forgotten about so am spending the week end listing them most are with labels so should do well with them hopefully.

PurpleFrog Thu 10-Nov-16 12:51:20

I did quite well in the first half of this year, but haven't listed much this side of the Summer Holidays. I had better check this weekend and see if there is anything that should be listed before Christmas. Dd(18) hasn't had a clearout for a while, so I don't really have any decent kids' stuff left to list, and I'm not sure if she has much left she is "too old for".

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