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Two separate listings but only 1 shows

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wowfudge Wed 05-Oct-16 11:41:45

I listed two identical items last night. For the second one, I copied the listing of the first. The description s state there is an identical one also for auction. I got two confirmations from eBay with different item numbers, but if I search I can only see one listing. That listing has several watchers and lots of views, but the second one nothing. Can I make both show up without anyone interested having to look at my other items?

19lottie82 Wed 05-Oct-16 13:36:32

I take it they're auctions?

Why list both at the same time you will just be pushing your price down, on both items?

Sell one, then sell the other.

verystressedmum Wed 05-Oct-16 14:04:29

No idea why it doesn't show up, how long ago did you list?
However I agree, don't sell them at the same time.

verystressedmum Wed 05-Oct-16 14:07:29

Sorry seen you listed last night. Sometimes eBay take ages to put the listing through depending on what you're selling.
Branded items will usually take longer to show up unless you've sold them before and have got feedback on it.
But tbh you're better ending one anyway.

wowfudge Wed 05-Oct-16 15:36:32

Okay - thanks for the advice.

brodchengretchen Sun 09-Oct-16 15:40:09

I think that when you have received a bid on one of the items the other listing will appear.

wowfudge Mon 10-Oct-16 10:22:58

I removed the second listing. The person who won the auction for the first one bought the second privately when they collected so I'm happy with that.

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