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What would you do?

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nikkie Tue 06-Feb-07 23:05:49

I have just had an email about an item I sold.It was a double kareoke cd (in listing put 2 CD set)but i listed it in the DVD section I have had quite a shirty email from the buyer 'under no circumstances would I have bought it knowing it was CDs rather than dvds ' .
I have replied with the comment that I was sorry that I had made the mistake of putting it in the wrong category but that he had obviously missed the description of 2 CDs and I would refund his money upon return of the Cds (minus p&p).

Think this is fair?

VioletBaudelaire Tue 06-Feb-07 23:12:17

If I make a mistake on eBay then I refund in full, including postage.
The buyer probably did a search on DVDs, and came up with your item. He should have read more carefully, but it's not worth the aggro or negative feedback tbh.

oops Tue 06-Feb-07 23:14:03

Message withdrawn

nikkie Tue 06-Feb-07 23:32:40

Thanks I did think that after I sent the email but tbh he rubbed me up the wrong way and the email was quite aggressive with things in bold/underlined.

Was going to link to my listing but don't want to ID the buyer so this is what it said instead.

My entire listing

Brand new in Wrapper

Includes songs like, Amarillo,Uptown girl,Mambo no.5,Its raining men on 2 CDs

Short and sweet so think he must have read it!Will see if he replies and if he isn't happy I will refund full thing ,I never charge much for p&p anyway!

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