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I thought Ebay didn't charge if you didn't sell!?

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Hillary Tue 06-Feb-07 20:28:38

I was under the impression that if you dont sell your item then ebay doesn't charge you!?

I'v only sold a couple of items for minimal amouts but ebay have charged me £25 for all the items wether they sold or not is this right?

fannyannie Tue 06-Feb-07 20:30:09

that sounds quite high - you still have to pay listing fees. Did you use lots of gallery pictures or the likes???

What does your Statement in your seller account say the charges are for??

mrsmalumbas Tue 06-Feb-07 20:32:10

Yep, I just got a bill for 23 quid as well - bit of a surprise - I guess I hadn't really sat down and added all the little bits up here and there. I will certainly be thinking twice before putting anything else up for sale.

Hillary Tue 06-Feb-07 20:37:15

Yes me too I think I'l stick to mumsnet!

I didn't use any pictures, I'v only sold 8 items for a total of about £70, the statement said it was insertion fees or something to that effect.

I'm certainly not selling anything else on ebay

fannyannie Tue 06-Feb-07 20:39:08

that doesn't sound right.....did you list any in more than one catergory, or use Buy It Nows at all.......or did you still have some money owing from previous to listing these items???

Nemo2007 Tue 06-Feb-07 20:40:40

no think they dont charge you to relist.

Nemo2007 Tue 06-Feb-07 20:40:41

no think they dont charge you to relist.

Nemo2007 Tue 06-Feb-07 20:40:42

no think they dont charge you to relist.

Nemo2007 Tue 06-Feb-07 20:40:42

no think they dont charge you to relist.

Biglips Tue 06-Feb-07 20:40:59

did u put a reserve on any?

Nemo2007 Tue 06-Feb-07 20:41:03

oops sorry

fannyannie Tue 06-Feb-07 20:42:05

they don't charge you to relist as long as your item sells 2nd time around.

Biglips Tue 06-Feb-07 20:44:41

ive just spoken to my dp and he said that is correct that they charge you putting the ads on ebay whether you sold or not

Hillary Tue 06-Feb-07 20:45:30

No I only put a buy it now and reserve on one item but it didn't sell,

I only listed it in one catagory - the most basic of advert you could do!

If I'd sold the items locally or on MN I would have at least made money - been ripped off I think - You cant even speak to someone on ebay either and since its Direct Debit you cant cancle it either

lazyline Tue 06-Feb-07 20:46:03

If you sell, you have to pay listing fees and final fees. If you don't sell, you only pay the listing fees. But don't forget that you have to pay for all the extras, buy it now, extra photos, starting your item at a higher price, starting your item at a certain time. Then there are the paypal fees as well.

If you sell second time (obviously you have to click the "relist" button) you don't have to pay a second listing fee I believe.

Biglips Tue 06-Feb-07 20:47:28

and yes they DO charge you 2nd time round (relist) exactly the same amount as thats how the ebay makes money.

Biglips Tue 06-Feb-07 20:49:17

lazy - what is a "final fees" pls? as you only pay for the list fees and thats it

Catilla Tue 06-Feb-07 20:49:58

Ouch! £25 sounds like a crazy size of bill from eBay for selling small items...
Listing fees are according to starting price:
0-99p - 15p
£1-£4.99 - 20p
£5-£14.99 - 35p
£15-£29.99 - 75p
and then add-ons like people have suggested. If you sell then you pay a percentage too.

My invoice had a breakdown of charges according to the individual items I'd sold... have you looked down the email to the bottom?

Hillary Tue 06-Feb-07 20:50:22

Thanks for your help guys......somethimes you learn the hard way

lazyline Tue 06-Feb-07 21:11:35

Biglips - they are final value fees. How much they are depends on how much you sell your item for.

For an item sold for less than £29.99, you pay 5.25% of the final sale amount. For items sold in the range of £30 to £599.99, you pay 5.25% of the inital £29.99, plus 3.25% of the remaining closing balance.

This information is taken from here:

So sorry, you do not only pay the listing fees.

lazyline Tue 06-Feb-07 21:13:56

They do also credit listing fees if an unsold item sells second time round.

Biglips Tue 06-Feb-07 21:16:33

wow...i never knew that...thanks lazyline.

lazyline Tue 06-Feb-07 21:21:29

No worries, just another example of the wads of cash that Ebay make! And there's all the money they make from owning Paypal as well. SO you have to pay 3 times when you list, sell and use paypal!

BexieID Wed 07-Feb-07 16:44:19

I usually wait for the 5p listing days. I much preferred the old Yahoo auctions a few years ago. You didn't have to pay to sell stuff.

justbeme Wed 07-Feb-07 16:50:39

Ive recently sold £220 in total on 10 items on ebay and all the charges with postage etc came to £50 (and even then i think i still have a few final listing amounts still not included)! Makes you wonder why everyone raves about Ebay doesnt it?

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