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lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 18:50:46

just had an email from a woman who bought a size 8 top from me here but i got an emai from her below

hello there,

i bought this item because in the decription it said it is size 10, but on your page it says that it is size 8, would it still fit me, iam size 10? thank you

i think its perfectly clear that its a size 8, thoughts please ladies

NotQuiteCockney Tue 06-Feb-07 18:51:58

In the description, it says size: 10. If you were searching for tops using that special search tool, it would come up with the 10s.

southeastastra Tue 06-Feb-07 18:52:12

it has size ten in the description, so they probably found it after searching for 10!

hunkermunker Tue 06-Feb-07 18:53:37

It says 10 in the brief description, but if I wanted to know for sure what size it was, I'd have emailed you before I bid.

Scootergirl Tue 06-Feb-07 18:54:08

Pretty things in your shop though! How are you feeling?

Carmenere Tue 06-Feb-07 18:54:21

Well it's not perfectly clear because it says it is a ten. I think it will be fairly useless to her tbh.

fruitful Tue 06-Feb-07 18:54:33

Well it says both (8 and 10). But I guess if she searched on ebay in their clothing finder thingy for size 10, it would have come up because it says size 10 in the description box thing.

Can't you email back the exact measurements and ask if she wants it?offer it to the

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 18:55:02

but in the main description and on the heading it says size 8

fruitful Tue 06-Feb-07 18:55:03

typed too slowly ...

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 18:55:54

really ill, bleeding again.

Scootergirl Tue 06-Feb-07 18:56:32

Oh lissie

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 18:57:07

bought my scan forward to thurs tho

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 06-Feb-07 18:59:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Tue 06-Feb-07 19:01:06

how would you know if it would fit her? hehe

tell her it was your mistake and offer a refund if she's paid?

munz Tue 06-Feb-07 19:02:12

tbh she should ahve taken the size 8 thing I feel, however after she brought it you should ahve noted and seen it had said 10 and told her it is a size 8 do you still want it or do you want a refund? do you ahve a size 10 to send her instead?

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 19:03:44

well ive sent it off so she can try it on and if it doesnt fit ive said ill refund, just a bit coz in the heading and main description it says size 8, and i personally always go by that, not the search headings iykwim

Scootergirl Tue 06-Feb-07 19:04:40

I'll have it if she sends it back

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 19:05:36

lol thanks scooter

Scootergirl Tue 06-Feb-07 19:44:25

No, seriously, I will. And I'm an 8 so it'll fit....
CAT me if she does

lissielou Tue 06-Feb-07 21:24:19

will do scooter.

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