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How long do I have too wait for buyer to get back to me or collect?

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CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 21:48:25

DP's train table that was hand made has been sold for for £1.00 what a bargin!!!! bespoke items are worth diddly. I'm gutted for DP. anyway, move on, how long can I, do I have to wait for the buyer to hand over their pound coin, before i can re-sell. bitter..... yes,...

southeastastra Mon 05-Feb-07 21:50:33

10 days i think, why didn't you start with a higher price? (or is that a sore question)

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 21:51:53

ummmmmmmm very sore, hand made, new to ebay, no idea, getting the picture?

southeastastra Mon 05-Feb-07 21:57:59

oh dear sorry! tell them you've broken it, or you were expecting more and dp will be heartbroken it may appeal to their better nature!

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 22:22:30

I Thought that and wanted to email at the eleventh hour, but no its not right is it. will maybe try if they turn up at the door with shiney coin in hand.

misdee Mon 05-Feb-07 22:24:10

tell them its broken.

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 22:28:27

ANDDDDDD as if. today wasn't bad enough on ebay for me, have just lost what i really wanted for kids, have been watching, bidding (the only bidder) and now some toss pot, with seconds, has pipped me to the post, how could they possibly know what I bid, as it was such a bizzare figure. I WAS WINNING>>>> now i feel like someone has done to me what, I could have done, BUT DIDN'T.............

Kif Mon 05-Feb-07 22:32:49

Don't hand it over -

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 23:11:36

So say what.. Hello thanks for your offer of £1.00 but nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not right, take a loookieeee, does it look like its worth a quid,.... My mistake. I'm soooooooo tits off now, plus white wine as we all know, doesn't mix with red. Will lie awake as usual thinking about this. Oh I hate ebay already.

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 23:38:05

So Can I give the buyer 10 days, before i decide to do anything else unrash..

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