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Trying to sell item but won't let me

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Sparklemummyx0x0x Thu 22-Sep-16 16:28:19

Hi. I'm an avid eBay buyer but now trying to sell an item. It's a large ELC big city garage thing. Either way, it needs to be picked up locally rather than posted.
So I go to the bid/buy it now bit then then shipment bit, select pick up only...fine but when I select pay on collection, it says I can't, I need to select Paypal so I do.....only when I do all that I have to select a 'buy it now' price to sell it, I can't use immediate Paypal payment for local pick up. I just want to sell the bloody thing and make sure I get paid, how do I know they will pay me once they get it home if they don't pay straight away.
Everything I've ever bought I've automatically paid when the buying is confirmed.
Hope I'm making sense.

oneplus2is3 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:59:06

I had to work this out just this week. You have to do the following
- Turn off demand immediate payment
- in payment methods select Paypal AND cash on collection
- clearly state in listing that you require cash on collection only
- if anyone pays through paypal refund them and state cash on collection only (learnt on here that if they pay via paypal then collect they can claim item not delivered and you have no proof and eBay demands you refund them!)

Hope this helps

Pigeonpost Thu 22-Sep-16 23:10:19

Yup, don't let them pay by a PayPal if they are collecting. Cash on collection only.

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