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My buy it now gone?

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Flamesparrow Mon 05-Feb-07 07:40:50

I thought they lasted until that price was met?

Auction has 2 days left, one bid... email asking if I have a buy it now price - which I did originally.

What do I do? Obv the much higher BIN price would have been better, but can I and should I pull an auction early with a bid on it - I know the current bidder cannot rate me, but it still seems rude.

I doubt the asker would pay my BIN, but if they would, its a lot more for my cr*ppy highchair, and I really need the money!


pinkchampagne Mon 05-Feb-07 07:47:57

No the buy it now is just the price the bidder could pay to secure the item for themselves without being outbid.
If nobody decided to go for the buy it now price, but take a chance & bid instead, then the item should go to the highset bidder at the end of the auction.
If you really didn't want to sell your item for under a certain price, you should put a reserve price down.

lazyline Mon 05-Feb-07 07:50:23

The buy it now disappears as soon as a bid is placed. You could withdraw it from sale with that long left, but what happens if the other person doesn't cough up?

Most bids happen in the last few hours.

pinkchampagne Mon 05-Feb-07 07:51:03

Oh right, re-read your post. Yes you can pull out of the auction if someone wants to pay the BIN, as far as I know.

Flamesparrow Mon 05-Feb-07 07:53:12

Yup, I was thinking that too.

I didn't put a high reserve on because I need the thing gone - the lure of the extra money was strong though .

Its got 5 watchers, over 250 page views (for a collection only highchair?!?! )... I'll let it run its course.


fannyannie Mon 05-Feb-07 07:57:11

"If you really didn't want to sell your item for under a certain price, you should put a reserve price down"

Easier said than done if you're item is realistically worth less than £50 (the minimum reserve price ebay lets you have) but you still want a decent price for it.........

lazyline Mon 05-Feb-07 08:34:58

A reserveis not realistic, but perhaps you should have started it at a higher price. Costs you more to list though.

fannyannie Mon 05-Feb-07 09:03:33

yes but if your item isn't worth more than £50 then there's no point sticking a reserve of £50 (the minimum ebay reserve price) on it is there????

lazyline Mon 05-Feb-07 11:32:36

Thta's what I said...

"A reserve is not realistic"

charliecat Mon 05-Feb-07 11:37:41

I have noticed on some auctions that theres bidding goingon and a buy it now price still there. Dont know how they achieve that.

Flamesparrow Mon 05-Feb-07 12:34:23

It was that that confised me CC

charliecat Mon 05-Feb-07 12:54:43

Ive no idea how that works, unless they have more than 1 of them? Dunno

Flamesparrow Mon 05-Feb-07 13:02:23

Now I am torn... the woman has emailed back saying she really needs one.

I have a second one to sell (but wasn't planning to sell until the first is gone so I can get a replacement with the money iyswim)... do I offer it to her now, or wait and see if there is a bidding war

I'm useless at this sales thing... I think I'm too soft! The mercenary part of me says wait, the me part of me say awww, offer her the other one.

What would you do??

lazyline Mon 05-Feb-07 13:08:07

Personally, I would offer her the other one with the condition that she pays within a certain amount of time, so you can get the money asap to buy a new one.

Where buy it now remains after bids, it means that the seller has more than one item.

charliecat Mon 05-Feb-07 13:08:10

Ask her what shes offering, and check the completed listing thing on ebay to see if its a fair price.

Flamesparrow Mon 05-Feb-07 13:58:01

I'll find the missing strap and offer it to her

Flamesparrow Tue 06-Feb-07 09:46:40

Thought I'd update you all - have offered the other one to her, and the original one has gone above the BIN

charliecat Tue 06-Feb-07 10:56:47


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