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how do you package your items ,especially used clothes?

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brimfull Sun 04-Feb-07 22:43:11

I have brown paper but the only plastic I have is an old waitrose bag.Will that seem crap?Bearing in mind they got it for £2.95!

prettymum Sun 04-Feb-07 23:01:37

what about binbag, i had to resort to that when i ran out of packaging bags i buy off ebay

kidsrus Sun 04-Feb-07 23:35:04

ggirl i use a carrier bag to keep it clean and dry and then wrap it in left over wall paper. It looks like a present all wrapped up when delivered.
Wallpaper is much stronger than brown paper and sometimes waterproof it also looks prettier too.

brimfull Sun 04-Feb-07 23:36:17

Well I ahven't got any wallpaper but glad it's ok to use a carrier bag .thanks both of you.

Legacy Mon 05-Feb-07 09:22:54

IN recent months I've started using those mailing sacks - thin, but strong plastic with a sealable strip. You can buy them in bulk from eBay sellers and they work out pretty cheap. I also save any packaging I get stuff in myself (we have an eBay shelf in the garage! )to reuse. I often turn M&S/Next courier bags inside out to hide the writing for reuse.

The other thing I find useful is those 'document enclosed' sticker things for the front (again, buy them off eBay). The I just print a Paypal packing slip, fold it so the address shows and slip it in/ stick it on.

This has saved me loads of time I reckon.

saltire Mon 05-Feb-07 09:24:19

I put clothes into a plastic bag, then just wrap in brown paper. I do this so that if the paper gets wet, the clothes don't

softmusk Mon 05-Feb-07 11:12:21

i do the same as saltire and people always say well packaged

brimfull Mon 05-Feb-07 14:05:02

thanks everyone,have posted them in waitrose bag then brown paper.May look inot those plastic mailing sacks legacy.

ScoobyDooooo Mon 05-Feb-07 14:07:11

I used the mailing sacks i used to buy them off ebay, fab idea & so much easier & less time consuming than wrapping in brown paper.

nikkie Mon 05-Feb-07 19:50:39

I use a carrier bag then wrapped in brown paper.I put in my listing that I try and use recycled packaging , then the buyer should know and can't complain!

wanderingstar Tue 06-Feb-07 13:08:23

Different packaging question here; I have sold a 3 wheeler which I'll be posting out once the buyer's cheque clears. Will it be secure if I do the following:
-wrap parts separately in corrogated card/roll packaging
-wrap assembled bundles in one piece in bubble wrap, or maybe more corrogated card from the roll
- then use 2 boxes in an end to end arrangement (can't find one long enough) secured everywhere with heavy duty tape ?

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