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£50 For a poxy piece of paper!!!

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bubblerock Sun 04-Feb-07 21:00:29

I have been sat here this evening watching my Uncle's Manchester United ticket stubs selling on Ebay - why the hell would someone pay £50 for a piece of paper???

I'm off to watch the others sell now!!

southeastastra Sun 04-Feb-07 21:10:18

doing well! football stuff is quite a good seller, you know what blokes are like

lulumama Sun 04-Feb-07 21:12:33

was that not from the year they won a lot of stuff?

bubblerock Sun 04-Feb-07 21:12:52

I don't get Men at all?!?

NappiesGalore Sun 04-Feb-07 21:14:05

wow. i never realised that stuff was worth anything. people are mad to pay loads of money for old tickets <NG nips off to go search for old footie tickets to sell on ebay he he>

foxtrot Sun 04-Feb-07 21:14:35

LOL, what a fun evening you are having

bubblerock Sun 04-Feb-07 21:15:37

I know! I'm going to be keeping my eyes open at carboot sales from now on! He had all the programmes too but gave them away!!

NappiesGalore Sun 04-Feb-07 21:15:49

would be a good way to make money for my fave childrens charities and clear some clutter at the same time... glad im a hoarder now! lol

bubblerock Sun 04-Feb-07 21:16:36

LOL - Foxtrot, there's nothing on the telly

NappiesGalore Sun 04-Feb-07 21:16:55

ooh, yes. i have lots of programs from highbury in the last few seasons before we moved... hurrah (oh cripes, hope i didnt chuck em!)

bubblerock Sun 04-Feb-07 21:21:58

Have you seen the 2 pints episode where they burn the Arsenal programmes worth shedloads because they beat Liverpool?

foxtrot Sun 04-Feb-07 21:29:12

DH has let me ebay a few programmes before, but he reckons the 'good stuff' is his pension, he may be right...

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