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Posting Abroad?

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nikkie Sun 04-Feb-07 20:54:16

Amoungst the many things I sold tonight I have had one to New Zealand,one to Austrailia and one to Singapore.I don't usually post abroad and none of them asked if I would BUT they have all bid a decent price for their items so I will do.

How much would you charge for a paperback book to these places?

tortoise Sun 04-Feb-07 20:55:31

Royal mail website has prices on it for other contries.

nikkie Sun 04-Feb-07 20:59:39

Of course why didn't I think of that?
Is it anymore complicated, do you need to do any forms or anything?

tortoise Sun 04-Feb-07 21:10:24

Not sure. i don't send abroad apart from to my Mum and Dad in Turkey!
Ive had no problems. No forms except sometimes customs label.

southeastastra Sun 04-Feb-07 21:11:44

you'll get a customs form, dp guessed at £4.50 postage, he sends alot abroad

nikkie Sun 04-Feb-07 21:40:29

I weighed them a£2.? but I have put £3.50 in case they go over into the next band on PO scales and because it is more work.

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