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Defective Item - seller refuses to cover postage

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Gingefringe Mon 19-Sep-16 06:58:57

I bought an expensive purse which developed a defect a day after it had been in my handbag (the leather on the front tab started peeling away). Seller has said she will accept the return but wont cover the return postage as she purports it was fine when she posted it. I wouldn't have expected a quality purse to develop such a defect and nothing in my handbag would have rubbed against it to cause this to happen by accident. I would anticipate that eBay would side with me if it was escalated and she would have to cover the postage - what are your thoughts?

19lottie82 Mon 19-Sep-16 07:11:36

Have you opened a case (return request) based on the item not being as described?

She can't accept a iNAD return and not cover postage. As soon as she accepts it, eBay will,tell her to purchase a return label through them, or provide confirmation that she has provided one by other means. If she doesn't, then you can escalate the case and eBay will decide in your favour.

I'd remind her one more time that as the item is faulty, postage is indeed, her responsibility. If she doesn't play ball, open a case (if you haven't already) and, when you can (7 days after opening it?), ask eBay to step in and help. They will then order her to provide you with a returns label. If she doesn't, you will get to keep the item and get your money back. Then make sure you leave appropriate feedback, once you have your refund, and keep it factual.

PS never pay for return postage and expect to get it back.sellers can't be forced to refund return postage retrospectively. Returns labels are the only way to go.

Gingefringe Mon 19-Sep-16 07:51:55

Thanks Lottie. I've opened a 'defective item' case already (rather than an 'item not as described' ) and can escalate in a few days if no agreement reached. I was just wondering whether a 'defective item' case works in the same way as 'INAD' as the seller is saying that the item wasn't defective when she posted it.

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