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Buyer says item not working properly

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HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Wed 14-Sep-16 22:34:33

So. I sold electronic equipment on eBay. It was collection only, but the buyer asked for delivery and I agreed provided he paid for the courier (which he did).

The item arrived, and he says one of the speaker outputs is not working. It worked fine before it was sent, so I assume something happened in transit.

What happens now? should I tell him to claim the money back via eBay (since they have the funds at present anyway)?

19lottie82 Thu 15-Sep-16 07:46:22

If they "claim the money back from eBay", then eBay will claim it back frm you.

I'm taking it they paid for it by PayPal.

I'm sorry but I don't think you have many options here..... You are going to need to refund. Or if you want the item back, you'll need to pay for a tracked service to return it to you.

After that you can put a claim in with your courier if you believe it was damaged in transit. Did you pay for adequate insurance?

19lottie82 Thu 15-Sep-16 07:48:08

Sorry, but yes, to refund, get them to open a "not as described case" so you can process a refund, or you could offer a partial refund if you think it would be worth them getting it repaired?

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Thu 15-Sep-16 07:56:03

Thanks. I've told him to open the not as described case. He's apparently 'deciding what to do'... Maybe he'll keep it anyway (give the rest of the speaker outputs work and I sold it really cheap).

I think it'll be hard to show something happened in transit - apparently the packaging looked OK, so I assume it just got heavily knocked or something - but will have to give it a go. And I didn't get insurance - lesson for next time!

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